Individual Contentment is a Man’s First Priority – International Men’s Day Theme 2014

International Men’s Day which falls on November 19 is celebrated for being a man. It marks the positive male role models, highlights the contributions that men make towards the society, honor their sacrifices and raise the issues that they face in a society that generally puts men to more test than women.

Men are required to prove their manhood at every step in their lives. As a result, the society is generally very harsh on them. Unlike women, men do not gain their manhood biologically, they need to earn it sociologically; this process makes men extremely competitive in nature and also view other men as rivals, enemies, and competitors who are obstacles in their path towards attaining manhood.

The other flip side of this fallacy is the fact that men who cannot attain their social manhood find it very hard to survive in this society because for the society, men are like disposable entities and a man spent off with his utility with a failed sense of manhood is useless and can be discarded easily.

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Feminists are like Frankenstein monsters – Be wary of them

The weeks following 16 December 2012 have witnessed unprecedented male hatred being propagated in the media by the feminists and the feminist media. One incidence of gruesome violence was made a national issue and social outrage was provoked by the media keeping aside all other issues of the country, which led to the formation of a committee headed by Justice JS Verma, which came out with another set of draconian anti-male blind measures which even seemed to bypass the Government’s long pending decision of making the Sexual Assault Law gender neutral.

Now, the interesting thing here is, that the Justice Verma committee gets formed due to one alleged incident of gang-rape and murder over-hyped by the media and fuelled by feminists and they come out with recommendations like,

  1. Include punishment for marital rape wherein even the consent by wife is ignored if she complains,
  2. Remove misuse clause from Sexual Harassment Workplace,
  3. Harsher Punishments for eve-teasing, stalking, acid attack etc.

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Wake up call for Indian Men: Government prepares law to destroy Indian Men

By citing some extreme cases of rape and murder, and relying on hyper media sensitivity and giving in to public emotion, the Indian Government and women organizations are on process to change the Present Rape law, as a knee-jerk reaction as mentioned below :

(Present punishment for rape is minimum 7 years and maximum life sentence).

Government and women organizations proposal  under consideration:

  1. The Punishment should be “Hanging to Death” even for simple rape, presently it is Rape and Murder.
  2. Proposal for chemical castration to men. Accused have to prove that he had not committed the rape, the women is not required to give any proof (even medical test also not needed to file rape cases). Her verbal statement is sufficient to term any one as a rapist. She just needs to claim that she had been raped or gang raped and whoever is named will be arrested immediately and they will not get bail till the case is over, irrespective of how long the case continues, be it 1 month or 20 years.
  3. As soon as she files the case, whether it is true or false, she will get minimum 2 Lacks rupee – rupees 50 thousands immediately and then as case progress. This is irrespective the case is true or false.
  4. A rape complainant will get government job by default, so now you do not need any qualification or skill to get a government Job. You have to just cry rape and secure a government Job.
  5. Consent to sex: Any consensual sex can be termed as rape with excuse like, she was drunk / made to drink, she was promised for marriage, she was promised for job, she was under threat, etc. This means that the consent depends purely on women’s will and wish. She is even free to enjoy the consensual sex, later call it rape and en-cash
  6. Most importantly the law commission advised to make the rape law “Gender Neutral“, so that any rape by women to other women, men to other men, women to child can be covered, but women organizations and Govt are not ready to do that for reasons best known to them.
  7. For any disputes in marriage or divorce the wife can file the Rape case on her husband along with 498A (dowry case), DV act, Crpc125, Section24, Child custody and husband will not have any defence.
  8. There should not be any Punishment to women for making “False and Fabricated” rape or gang Rape case to anyone.
  9. A man can’t be file rape case against women even if she rapes you every day and then cut your body in 11 or 17 pieces.

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Sexual Assault Law: Law or Assault?

Background and Introduction:

Before talking on this topic, I would like to take a background drift. Let’s look at the performance of women organizations as far as women-oriented laws are concerned. They have proposed, and successfully got implemented some of the worst laws ever formed which are unconstitutional in nature as they openly violate Article 15 of the Indian Constitution. Laws like Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code, the Domestic Violence Act, the Indecent Representation of Women Act, etc. have proved to be a blasphemy rather than a blessing. The long list of laws has been explained at Gender Arsenal.

The very essence of these laws is not “Women Protection” as projected, whereas the real motive is “Male Castration” as realized. One may argue that it is the implementation of the laws that is harming. But if the medicine itself is faulty, no doctor can cure the disease whether the diagnosis is proper or improper. Having said that, it’s not that the bureaucracy (that looks after the implementation of laws) escapes the blame citing, “Faulty Medicine”, however, the inefficacy and the callousness of the bureaucracy not being the core theme of the article; it will be spared for a while.

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