Consolidated Media coverage for “Are Men safe on Streets?”

Times of India:

Pointing at some of the recent incidents that made headlines, men’s rights activists questioned whether Indian men are safe on the streets. They are also upset that despite proven to be wrong, no action is ever taken on the women in question.


So, what did we learn from these cases?

The message is very clear – Men are unsafe on streets

Internet News for You:

In a recent TV Debate on Times Now channel, Arnab was spotted saying, “Do not throw data at me”. Had he said the same thing in some other debate, he would have been out of job by now and his journalistic career would have come to an end, but because he said it in a gender debate and his statement was against men, he is still in the job. However, in the interest of journalistic ethics, Arnab must be fired” rued Sujit Deshpande, National Coordinator for Save Indian Family Foundation, a men’s rights organization.


Otherwise I can see a dangerous trend setting in, wherein men are refusing to help any women fearing that she will take a picture of him and ruin his life by uploading it on social media”, says Jyoti Tiwari, spokesperson for Save Indian Family Foundation.