Why young men are highest contributors to suicide statistics?

This short film is an attempt to create awareness about suicides by young men in India. It shows us, what happens when society does not listen to them.

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E-Book for Secrets of Manhood – Vol 1 is available now

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This book is a collection of short articles which draw references and inspiration from real life incidents, movie scenes, movie plots, newspapers, TV Media and otherwise. These articles focus on highlighting the various issues and problems that are faced by men over centuries and decades. The articles also challenge pervert social mind-sets which make men disposable, vulnerable and risk their lives without any gratitude. The articles raise important questions about social notions which stereotype men and jeopardize their peaceful existence.

The book also aims to create awareness about men’s problems and seeks to reduce suicides by men by creating a more male-friendly society. The book intends to create awareness in the society about the psyches and sensibilities of men which are currently like unlocked secrets for the society.

Being locked, society has a perception that even if a man faces problems, either he is at fault and deserves it or at best, is competent enough to handle them and does not need a support structure. Such a mind-set does not create a conducive communication atmosphere for men to express their issues and concerns. This book aims to work towards creating such an atmosphere for men.

Translation of Dainik Jagran Editorial on CCMI – The dangers of one-sided mindset

Dated 12th June 2016: An organization by the name of Confidare which works for men was established in 2011. This organization listens to men and provides assistance to them.

Thousands of victimized and distressed men have approached Confidare and its staff for getting help. As of now, it has branches in Delhi-NCR and Karnataka only. Only yesterday Confidare Community for Men concluded a 2-day conference. Conference focused on having quality discussions around men’s mental and physical heath.

As a result of the conference it has come to light that in 2014, 67.7% of those who committed suicides were men. In Karnataka itself, 5000 men ended their lives. These figures are published by National Crime Records Bureau. The main reasons behind the suicides were marital, financial and health related. Pan India, 59000 men ended their lives in 2014. Majority of suicides are caused by above stated reasons. However, there’s no attention given to this problem. Neither is there any discussion about the same nor any protests. It appears as if it is some kind of a joke that so many men are committing suicides. Their deaths do not call for any kind of sympathy or tears.

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International Men’s Day Pamphlets

Did You Know?

  • Men have made some of the most wonderful inventions/discoveries which have made life easy today, like:
    • The internet – backbone of the technological progress of the 21st century.
    • Medicines that made baby-delivery easy for women – one of the most progressive inventions of the 20th century.
  • It’s majorly the men who have been laying down their lives since ages in order to protect their people and country-land from external attacks, environmental dangers, et al.
  • It’s the men who have continuously sacrificed their likes and interests in order to take on the role of a bread-winner in order to not only support their families, but also to bring around economic progress that resulted in reducing latencies and made life easier for one and all.
  • Men pay more taxes at the same salary level compared to women; and contribute to 82% of total taxes paid.

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NGO to celebrate International Men’s Day on Wed


BANGALORE: It’s not just women and children, men too need protection against harassment. Save Indian Family Foundation, an NGO, has claimed many men

are wronged and forced to satisfy many expectations.

The NGO will celebrate International Men’s Day on Wednesday. Thirty bikers will take out a rally on Outer Ring Road from Bellandur Gate to Madiwala Post at 1.30 pm. The organization will pay tribute to achievements in science and defence sectors.

Foundation PRO Virag Dhulia said 13 lakh men lost jobs between 2001 and 2005. According to their statistics, over 55,000 married men committed suicide in 2005 and 2006, as opposed to 29,000 married women. The organization claimed most of these deaths were the result of domestic violence.

Dhulia said: “Men are liable to pay more taxes. Many are stuck in false dowry harassment cases. Adultery is a crime for Indian men but not women. There is discrimination at every point and men have to satisfy unreasonable expectations. There is no institution to protect their rights.”

The NGO has urged the government to set up a men’s welfare department, as well a national commission for men. Other demands include amendments to Section 498-A of IPC and Domestic Violence Act, to accommodate provisions for cruelty and domestic violence against men. “Single men should have the right to adopt, and the government must provide unemployment benefits too,” Dhulia added.  

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