Is dowry law abuse the only issue men face?

Come July 2nd 2014 and the nation went berserk on a landmark judgment passed by the Supreme Court of India directing the police not to arrest without following due procedures in dowry cases and there were reactions coming in from all sides – positive and negative.

Some over-enthusiastic people even went to the extent of thinking that dowry law has now been diluted and men can breathe easy as its misuse would be curbed now.

And thus it made me think – “Is dowry law abuse the only issue men face?

Also, how does one judgment ensure that men won’t be arrested in other false charges? In a society, where we have a plethora of anti-male laws, such a hope is far-fetched and wrought with imagination.

In the last one week, I came across 2 such instances wherein men have been arrested under Section 107/151 on a complaint of creating public nuisance without trial or investigation.

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Confidare announces day long workshop on 27 May 2012

Confidare Men’s Rights Community Centre is the first of its kind established in India, for providing guidance and coaching for distressed and victimized men. Confidare Community Centre is run by 4 men’s rights activists, who have been associated with the men’s rights movement for the past 5+ years and have cumulatively looked into more than 5000 cases of men facing harassment in marriages.

Confidare Community Centre, currently operating out of Bangalore, provides a platform to distressed men to enable themselves psychologically to deal with stressful situations arising out of a bad marriage for men. Simple techniques of acceptance, self-awareness and psychological empowerment can perform wonders in one’s life that enables a person to deal with a stressful situation powerfully.

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Men’s Rights Movement – A Retrospective

MRM or the men’s rights movement, as it is popularly known, had actually started in India many years back. With groups like Men Cell, Pidito Pati Parishad (PPP) and a few others being formed in the various parts of the country, however, it took quite some years before the movement got widespread recognition and mainstream status.

One can clearly see the advent of the movement getting prominent focus and attention with the rise of the Save Indian Family (SIF) movement. The SIF movement started in and around the beginning of 2005 with a few men’s rights activists calling the situation as “Enough is Enough”. The abuse of men and their families, by the society, law agencies and the Government going unabated and harassed men, especially husbands, having no solace in sight, the growth and foundation of the SIF movement was long impending and waiting to happen.

However, this current movement with the existing impetus did not start as SIF movement. It just started as a desperate attempt by a handful of husbands, who were trapped in bad marriages and frivolous marital litigations, to make their voices heard over the internet through blogging.

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Press Release for Father’s Day Rally by CRISP


CRISP is an NGO formed in 2008, by people who recognize the serious effects of Parental Alienation of children due to single parent families on account of divorce or separation. CRISP fights against alienation of children from their parent(s) in the ever increasing divorce/ separation rates in the social realities of our contemporary society. CRISP also focuses on furthering the rights of children to remain connected with both biological parents. We are a pro-family and a pro-life organization, our aims and objectives are to promote family harmony in our society and are based on research findings. We are a large group of people from all walks of life, like software engineers, doctors, teachers, businessmen, social workers, etc. which includes women and senior citizens, to address this burning issue in our society.

CRISP has organized National Father’s Day Rally on Saturday, the 18th June, 2011 between 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM at TOWN HALL STEPS, JC ROAD, Bangalore, to demand FAMILY LAW REFORMS, highlight the grievances of Fathers deprived of access to their children and children to their fathers due to biased laws and failure of our  judicial, legislative and executive systems on all fronts on this sensitive matter and a serious human rights issue, this protest dharna is on behalf of our children, who are voiceless victims & protect their rights to be connected to both biological parents.

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100% citizens say NO to FATHERLESS society

Bangalore: In an unprecedented display of solidarity for fathers, Bangalore citizens aired their bold views. On the eve of Father’s Day i.e. 19th June, 2010 Bangalore Mirror had carried an article titled – “Oh my sleeping child” which also carried a poll with it.

The poll read,

Should society be sensitized to the plight of dads who have no access to their kids?

The result of the poll was a sweeping 100% response in favor of the sensitization. All those who participated in the poll felt such a sensitization was the need of the hour.

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Snapshot of “Fathers Day Rally” in Bangalore

Children’s Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting (CRISP), in association with the Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF), All India Mothers-in-Law Protection Forum (AIMPF) and National Family Harmony Society (NFHS) organized a protest rally to sensitize the society, especially the judiciary, against the creation of a Fatherless Society in India. The rally was organized on the eve of Father’s Day in Bangalore on M G Road.

Here’s the video of the event:-

Video taken by Arnab Ganguly

Endless agony for daddy dears

Written by Priyanka Kumari

Bangalore: “Even before prosecution, I have been sentenced for life. Living away from my child is like a punishment”, said Pradeep Kumar (name changed). Blessed with a loving son, his was a happy married life. In 2002, his company transferred him to Mumbai. He shifted on the pretext that his wife would join him in six months, after he is settled. That never happened. His life fell apart. Now, the couple is divorced and the wife has the custody of the child.

“Since 2005, I have been separated from my child. I haven’t had the chance to spend even a week with him. I met him for a day or two, which was possible when my in-laws were here because that was the assigned venue. In January they shifted to some other city. Now I am not even allowed that”, he said with a heavy voice.

On the eve of Fathers Day, people from various walks of life — senior citizens, harassed husbands and single fathers — got together to protest against creation of fatherless society.

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