Translation of Dainik Jagran Editorial on CCMI – The dangers of one-sided mindset

Dated 12th June 2016: An organization by the name of Confidare which works for men was established in 2011. This organization listens to men and provides assistance to them.

Thousands of victimized and distressed men have approached Confidare and its staff for getting help. As of now, it has branches in Delhi-NCR and Karnataka only. Only yesterday Confidare Community for Men concluded a 2-day conference. Conference focused on having quality discussions around men’s mental and physical heath.

As a result of the conference it has come to light that in 2014, 67.7% of those who committed suicides were men. In Karnataka itself, 5000 men ended their lives. These figures are published by National Crime Records Bureau. The main reasons behind the suicides were marital, financial and health related. Pan India, 59000 men ended their lives in 2014. Majority of suicides are caused by above stated reasons. However, there’s no attention given to this problem. Neither is there any discussion about the same nor any protests. It appears as if it is some kind of a joke that so many men are committing suicides. Their deaths do not call for any kind of sympathy or tears.

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#CCMI – Confidare presents 2-Day Conference on Men’s Issues


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We often forget that men exist in the society and somehow we take their lives for granted. All gender sensitivity programs just talk about women’s issues and how to make life better for women. But, we forget that 70% of the workforce is men and their world is oblivious to us.

Sensing the gap and the need to bridge the gap, Confidare, India’s largest community of victimized and distressed men, has come up with the novel concept of a high-level 2-Day conference.

Confidare is organizing a 2-day “Conference on Men’s Mental Health & Legal Issues” in the month of June 2016 in Bangalore. The speakers at the conference will focus on a range of topics that impact men’s well-being and their performance at the workplace.

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