Mahesh & Meera SE1E01: Sorry, But No Sorry (Trailer)

Watch this interesting trailer of an angry Meera seeking Sorry from Mahesh.
Why is she asking Sorry?
What did he do?
Will he say Sorry?

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Don’t forget to watch the full video releasing on 11th Feb 2017

Jyoti Tiwari explains what Dowry means

We often keep hearing this word – Dowry. In newspapers, media, TV channels, often you will see Indian men being slammed for being “Dowry Seekers” and India also has criminal provisions for imprisoning men accused of demanding dowry. So, what exactly is this dowry all about? Let’s hear it from an expert on this issue – Ms. Jyoti Tiwari. Do watch the video below, hit the “Like” button, share it and subscribe to her YouTube channel for more such informative videos.

Befitting reply by Jyoti Tiwari to Akshay Kumar & Virat Kohli

After setting benchmark standards in his movies on how to stalk, molest and rape women, Bollywood Actor Akshay Kumar resorted to male bashing based on an imaginary incident of mass molestation which was just a story created by media. And here’s Jyoti Tiwari exposing his hypocrisy. Interestingly, Akshay Kumar got insecure and now, it seems, his PR team is actively working to discredit the video.

  1. Her pictures were morphed and her character was assassinated.
  2. Her profile was reported and Facebook blocked her account for 7 days, whereas she was the one who was victim of online trolling.

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Mass-Molestation or molestation of the mass

Source: Mass-Molestation or molestation of the mass

Already, we started receiving news that from now on, every argument between a man and a woman is being converted into a molestation case against the man. What is being projected as a mass-molestation of women and that too sans evidence, is going to precipitate an insurmountable amount of misandry resulting in molestation of the masses – mass of innocent men who would be facing molestation charges for the mere fact that they argued with a woman and that they are men.

Activists Condemn SC Judgement Striking “Adult Male” words from DV Act

Vijaya Karnataka:

Urge for Order to Change

Save Indian Family Foundation is disappointed that after many decades, supreme court has passed orders under domestic violence act for changes but it has failed to give justice to Men.

Shekar Mangal head of Save Indian Family Foundation has expressed on Tuesday that “Out of these changes, court has told under Protection of Womens violence Law 2005, Section 2(q) ‘Adult Men’ word has been removed. It has been considered as Men always does Violence & women are victims”. Continue reading

Lines for a Father – Hats off to Sony Television

Recently, in a dance program, few lines were recited for the contributions of a father. See the video below