Jyoti Tiwari explains what Dowry means

We often keep hearing this word – Dowry. In newspapers, media, TV channels, often you will see Indian men being slammed for being “Dowry Seekers” and India also has criminal provisions for imprisoning men accused of demanding dowry. So, what exactly is this dowry all about? Let’s hear it from an expert on this issue – Ms. Jyoti Tiwari. Do watch the video below, hit the “Like” button, share it and subscribe to her YouTube channel for more such informative videos.

Supreme Court changes law for Domestic Violence – Boon or bane for men?

We live in 21st Century which is also known as the age of technology and one of the most stunning, path-breaking and unprecedented technological advances has been the internet which has provided a never-before accessibility to data and information. However, at times, it is overwhelming and one gets over-saturated with data, information, happenings, current affairs, news and just decides to give everything a flyby.

Source: Supreme Court changes law for Domestic Violence – Boon or bane for men?

More Male Foeticides Than Female: Govt. Data Indicate Vast Under-reporting

New Delhi: More male babies were victims of foeticide than female in 2014, the latest year for which data are available, according to national crime data, indicating the extent of under-reporting.

As many as 53 male foeticides were reported in 2014, compared to 50 cases of female foeticides, according to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data. Sex of four foetuses were unknown.


Above are the news reported today. Now, lets look at the implications of the above news. It is a fact that we have a lot of anti-male gender biased laws which severely trample men’s constitutional rights. And these laws are passed as an affirmative action under the perception that women suffer from female foeticides and thus they must have special privileges.

Now, the above news blatantly challenges the false perception about female foeticides which feminists have created in the society. So, should we see a change in air with these news or gender based propaganda aimed at persecuting men would continue unabated. Express your views in the poll below: