Dear Thomsons Reuters Foundation,Mind Your Own Business

Biased, funded and strategically orchestrated surveys don’t reflect reality. Read the article below to understand how and why such biased surveys are created.

Let's Talk About Men

Times Of India is known for it’s anti-India articles and this time they went ahead by giving importance to the Thomsons Reuters Foundation report which says, that India is worse than war zoned Syria and Afghanistan on women issues . First of all let us see who are these Thompson Reuters foundation and why are they so worried about Indian women (only).  Their homepage says that We are registered as an independent charity both in the UK and in the USA. They call themselves as corporate foundation too and I will explain how a corporate foundation works. As per them total 548 experts on women issues gave this report, out of these 548, 43 live in India. They were asked questions online about health issues, economic resources, discrimination against women etc. Just like any other biased survey this was only for women and that too a small group of women.

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Book Review: Chess without a Queen by Virag Dhuliya

A detailed review of “Chess Without a Queen”

Welcome to the World Of Subhajit


Book Name: Chess without a Queen

Author Name: Virag Dhulia

Format: Kindle

No of Pages: 306

Publisher: Notion Press (10/11/2017)

Blurb: I must say that the blurb portion of the book is clean, and compact. It is giving a clear idea of what the book may consist of, while concealing the thrill factor accordingly to arouse the curiosity of the reader. So, in my opinion, the blurb is aptly written.

Cover: The front cover of the book is designed actually very appropriately, thus it is reflecting the content of the story well, and the cover is pretty much eye catching indeed; impressive work done.

Title: Title of the book is no doubt unique, and it is well enough capable of making the reader stop by in front of the book and pick it up. The first thing that came into my mind after reading the title, was, how is this…

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Bobby…….Not a darling…..anymore

“The Hu-Man” channel presents its next video discussing the domestic violence case filed by Man turned woman Bobby darling on their husband. Ironical, as it sounds, but even with an almost woman as a wife, the man is always in danger

SC order on 498A – Boon or bane: A point wise analysis video

Authors and advocates for men’s well-being – Virag Dhulia & Jyoti Tiwari discuss the recent judgement on Section 498A by Supreme Court that is being projected that it makes Section 498A toothless, so let’s have a reality check.

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E-Book for Secrets of Manhood – Vol 1 is available now

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This book is a collection of short articles which draw references and inspiration from real life incidents, movie scenes, movie plots, newspapers, TV Media and otherwise. These articles focus on highlighting the various issues and problems that are faced by men over centuries and decades. The articles also challenge pervert social mind-sets which make men disposable, vulnerable and risk their lives without any gratitude. The articles raise important questions about social notions which stereotype men and jeopardize their peaceful existence.

The book also aims to create awareness about men’s problems and seeks to reduce suicides by men by creating a more male-friendly society. The book intends to create awareness in the society about the psyches and sensibilities of men which are currently like unlocked secrets for the society.

Being locked, society has a perception that even if a man faces problems, either he is at fault and deserves it or at best, is competent enough to handle them and does not need a support structure. Such a mind-set does not create a conducive communication atmosphere for men to express their issues and concerns. This book aims to work towards creating such an atmosphere for men.