Activists Condemn SC Judgement Striking “Adult Male” words from DV Act

Vijaya Karnataka:

Urge for Order to Change

Save Indian Family Foundation is disappointed that after many decades, supreme court has passed orders under domestic violence act for changes but it has failed to give justice to Men.

Shekar Mangal head of Save Indian Family Foundation has expressed on Tuesday that “Out of these changes, court has told under Protection of Womens violence Law 2005, Section 2(q) ‘Adult Men’ word has been removed. It has been considered as Men always does Violence & women are victims”.


Pressure on Prevention of Violence against Men

Sujith Deshpande Head of Save Indian Family Foundation has strongly recommended that changes are required for Domestic Violence Act for the prevention of Violence against Men by Women.

He has told on Tuesday in Press Conference, “as per the third survey of National Family Health, 60 Lakhs of women are doing domestic violence & harassment against men and 57% of mothers are doing violence against children. As per the World report, India stands at 3 position in Violence on Husbands by their wives”.

He has also regretted even when Women abuse Men they are not punished and Central Government has not made any effort in collecting any Facts & Figures of Violence happening against men.

For men’s welfare the existing Domestic Violence Act needs to be modified and also to avoid the suicides of Married Men new policies must be bought. Women need to stop abusing Men. He also told on 26th Oct, it will be 10 years of Enforcing of Domestic Violence Act, hence it will be observed as “Black Day of Men”.



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