Supreme Court changes law for Domestic Violence – Boon or bane for men?

We live in 21st Century which is also known as the age of technology and one of the most stunning, path-breaking and unprecedented technological advances has been the internet which has provided a never-before accessibility to data and information. However, at times, it is overwhelming and one gets over-saturated with data, information, happenings, current affairs, news and just decides to give everything a flyby.

Source: Supreme Court changes law for Domestic Violence – Boon or bane for men?


2 thoughts on “Supreme Court changes law for Domestic Violence – Boon or bane for men?

  1. Ask the Victims .
    How one or two man of Supreme Court can decide the life of crores of people. This is India. Everything is Possible.

  2. It is we, the People& Law-Makers, who Allow Grave Misuse/Atrocities by Judges. Judges have become so Selfish& Vested that they will Do Anything for Maintaining their Case Hungriness (to increase their Powers/Nos, Advocates Livelihood etc), Bias with Complainants/Case Providers (esp. Women etc), Bias with Judges/Sr. Advocates, Ruling-Influential Parties & Even advocates etc in Judgements (Brotherhood Bias& for Extracting Concessions), Illegally Insulated themselves (even advocates) from all Criminal Laws, Never Detected/Punished False Complainants, Unconstitutionally& Illegally, thus losing all Neutrality.

    Its Our Silence, Laziness, Fear which Encourages these Dreadly Criminal Judges to Criminalize the Whole People-Country But show themselves as Saints (If whole Country-People are Criminals, How can they be Saints?).

    Hence Let Every Citizen Ask our Parliament Speaker/Prime Minister/major Opposition Leader/ Elected MPs, why they are Not Acting Against Judges (Suspensions, Disciplinary Actions, Punishments incl. dismissals) for Misusing Laws, showing Unconstitutional/Illegal Gender-Biasness, Never Detecting/Never Punishing False Complainants which are Not Mere Loss of Neutrality BUT Gravest Crimes against People& Nation, attracting gravest Sedition Charges. If Everybody asks, they will have no option But to act as per wishes of Supreme People.

    If Speaker Fails to Respond Properly in 30days OR say Silly Excuses of No Powers etc (Remember Parliament/Speaker has tremendous Powers to summon/arrest/dismiss or even Hang such Judges), Let People fight for Automatic Recall All MPs (being Incompetent to Represent people, we had only incompetent MPs so far) with Automatic Fresh Elections in 60days (elections aren’t costly as already paid Govt. Infrastructure are only used; it may be costly for parties).

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