#CCMI – Confidare presents 2-Day Conference on Men’s Issues


Participation in the conference is registration based and following are the details for registration.

Individual participants click here to register and book a slot. 

Corporate participants click here to register and book a slot.

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We often forget that men exist in the society and somehow we take their lives for granted. All gender sensitivity programs just talk about women’s issues and how to make life better for women. But, we forget that 70% of the workforce is men and their world is oblivious to us.

Sensing the gap and the need to bridge the gap, Confidare, India’s largest community of victimized and distressed men, has come up with the novel concept of a high-level 2-Day conference.

Confidare is organizing a 2-day “Conference on Men’s Mental Health & Legal Issues” in the month of June 2016 in Bangalore. The speakers at the conference will focus on a range of topics that impact men’s well-being and their performance at the workplace.

The intention of the Conference is to give an interacting platform for Mental Health and Employee Assistance professionals,  the Corporates, men’s supports groups and men, who themselves have gone through well-being issues that impacted them and their performance at workplace.

We believe this Conference will help bridge the gap between various stakeholders in this field and help create better understanding of these emerging topics of interest.

The topics that speakers are expecting to cover during the conference can be:

  1.                            Well-being of men in corporate.
  2.                            Marital problems and family issues.
  3.                            Intimate Partner Violence.
  4.                           Impact of litigation on men’s well-being.
  5.                           Substance abuse.
  6.                            Critical incidence response in matrimonial disputes.
  7.                           Social trends, surveys and statistics.

The registration fees for the Conference will be as follows

  1. Rs. 4500 for Companies, MNCs and EAP representatives. 
  2. Rs. 2000 for individual participant, if registered before 31st March 2016.
  3. Rs. 2500 for individual participant, if registered between 1st April 2016 to 9th June 2016.
  4. Rs. 3000 for individual participant spot registration, on the day of the event (only cash payable).

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