Judge asks for Gender Neutral Domestic Violence Law – Idea is erroneous

Madurai: The Madras High Court on Thursday called for a “neutral and non prejudicial” law to protect genuine victims of domestic violence, irrespective of the gender, noting that existing law contains a flaw that lends itself to easy misuse by women.

In the above news, the Madurai bench of Madras High Court has asked for a gender neutral law to tackle Domestic Violence. At the onset, in the wake of a rising men’s rights movement in India and scores of abused men thronging for justice, this idea might just catch the fantasy of many a those who are batting for battered men.

However, I choose to differ here. I don’t think it’s a great idea. Rather it’s an erroneous idea prone to extreme backlashes.

And before the brickbats come for me, here’s why I think it’s a bad idea.

Domestic Violence problem distinct for men and women: The issue of Domestic Violence is not uniform for men and women. It’s rather very different. While woman claim to have been abused verbally, physically, emotionally, financially and sexually and the same set of abuses may apply for a man as well, however, when it comes to a man facing domestic violence, the problem is much more varied and complex for men.

Often men are threatened with violence by male relatives of the woman, notwithstanding the fact that such violence against men, at the instigation and behest of a woman is legal in India.

Men also face legal threats about being jailed under a false charge of domestic violence, again it is pertinent to mention here that it is very easy to get a man arrested on false charges of domestic violence by wife. Many such attempts and threats have driven married men to commit suicide and is the prime reason why married men end their lives prematurely.

Men are mostly cut off from their immediate social support structure like parents, close friends, cousins etc. and the man is defamed in front of them, insulted many a times and this breaks the confidence of a man which makes him an easy prey for establishing further control over the man.

More often than not men are forced to write-off  their hard earned property (house, site, etc.) to their wives and the society supports such a demand by wife irrespective of her nature. This disparity between men’s problems and women’s problems is depicted here.

Relationship Problem Graph

Laws in India are easier to make then review: We already have too many laws for domestic violence against women. And they are totally anti-male.

In those laws, there is no scope for a male victim to file any complaint because the very definition of law is against men and defines them as ubiquitous and stereotypical aggressors.

To modify such laws is a gargantuan and mammoth task as each law has various vested interests and stakeholders who tend to gain a lot from the law. In this case, it’s the lawyers lobby and the women who file the cases. And that’s a huge force which won’t allow modification of existing law.

It would be rather easier to have a new law drafted for protecting men from Domestic Violence which would cater specifically to the male side of the problem.

Research lacking from the male perspective: And last, but not the least, credible academic research about men facing domestic violence is severely lacking in India.

The Govt. of India invests no resources for the same and there are no surveys or studies conducted.

Neither are the organizations like Save Indian Family Foundation and Confidare, who are premier organizations batting for battered men, are being consulted on how to address the issue, nor are the male victims of domestic violence given any official platform to voice their woes.

In the absence of even such basic infrastructure, it would be preposterous to bring in a half-baked law on domestic violence which will do more harm than any remedial measure for battered men.

Hence, this idea of a uniform law for domestic violence is erroneous and needs to be rejected. What we need, is a male-centric law to protect male victims of domestic violence.


9 thoughts on “Judge asks for Gender Neutral Domestic Violence Law – Idea is erroneous

  1. Sir,
    I think any initiative is welcome right now and better if Courts take it up because it’s their decision EOD that decides the legal and illegal.
    Also, undoubtedly Men’s rights movement is picking up fast because now i think 80% of the young men who live away from parents face this problem and relate with it. However when it comes to NGOs, there are not many for Men’s Rights.
    A person I know opened up an NGO just because he would get Rs 50,000 a month for an investment of Rs 100,000 if it is for Women’s Rights! He relates more to Men’s problems but when it comes to Money, it’s a different story.
    So, to change this mindset in the society where feminists have been successful at projecting women as needy and men as greedy (while as the reverse is true) we need to welcome any such decision by Courts.
    I think an average Indian family member would trust a Court more and give full ears to them.

  2. The fact that judge calls for a neutral domestic violence is a big change. All along , people thought that only a women can be a victim of domestic violence, but its certainly not true. Really appreciate the judge for making such a bold statement.
    Make the laws gender neutral like other well developed countries.

  3. this is actually true.

    what we require is actually a male‒centric law and not a generalized gender_neutral common law.
    the latter can, and perhaps will, cause even more harm and will give rise to even more misandry in our society ⦗in addition to the already abject unimaginable extent of misandry and female_chauvinsim rampant in our feminazi misandrist country⦘.

  4. Not in family alone, even in work place men are pushed-out gradually. While a Female Officer wants to see female staff around her often a Male Officer targets & harasses male staff. Primary Education is totally under the grip of female teacher – which will have long lasting effect on boy’s performance. That is why these days boys always lag behind girls in Board Exams. Medias though owned by men, with male editor, distributed by paper-boy & paid by men mostly always indulge in tarnishing men’s image, TV serials show men in second fiddle – either hen-pecked are useless commodity. Govts giving 50% reservation for women in local bodies & with additional seats from unreserved category they can always deny office for men. There is no resrvation for men in Banks, Govt Offices etc. but reservation is being given for women in police paramilitary etc. – for what – to beat men in the name of law & order or crime, while male officer can not even stare at her. Men of the world Unite You have nothing to loose but Fear should be the slogan of Mens Forum.

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