Are #men conditioned to make more sacrifices for #society compared to #women?

Recently, a twitter poll was conducted with the above question

Are men conditioned to make more sacrifices compared to women?” and the results were shocking as shown in the image below.


While popular literature and mainstream media would like us to believe that women make more sacrifices and would also highlight the various sacrifices women make for the society, one would find a complete lull and silence when it would come to sacrifices made by men.

In fact, media would undermine the sacrifices made by men unless the sacrifices are gynocentric in nature like,

  1. Getting daughter married,
  2. Getting her educated

And so on and so forth. However, the sacrifices that a man makes so that not only his near and dear ones like his parents, wife, children, siblings, etc. remain happy but also lead a comfortable life are either overlooked or taken for granted.

However, it is important to understand why men do this?

Heard of the famous dialogue – “Men will be Men!”?

It’s primarily used to demean and denigrate men by saying they’d never improve. However, today let’s take a fresh look at the dialogue.

By nature of their genetic design, men love taking risks be it personal, physical, emotional, financial, or even legal. They love chartering into uncharted waters and create newer comfort zones for people around. This is the reason almost all of the explorers have always been men.

However, taking risks is not always a man’s choice. Often men are shamed, induced with guilt forcing them to take risks and at the same time get abused as well for taking risks.

This is society’s way of making men work. This also works because primarily, being good natured, men often tend to take the blame and guilt upon themselves. They are not vicious or manipulative unlike women, so they before they realize the trap, they are into it and the game’s over.

But, as society trivializes a man’s contributions and sacrifices and focuses more on the vices of few men, the vast majority of good men are made to feel inferior about themselves, they also tend to take the blame easier and in the process, end up making more unsung sacrifices for the society compared to women.


4 thoughts on “Are #men conditioned to make more sacrifices for #society compared to #women?

  1. Males are not toys or playboy for our Society . Males sacrifice more than women but still people minds are set anything would happen to female we point on male “Shayad isse ne hi kuch Kiya hoga”
    Every coin has two side then why when it comes on Males no body want to see or listen other sides of Coin this what we call #GenderBaisedSociety

    India is Constitutional Country where law say about Equality but I can’t see such thing in Courts ???

    India need Fast Fair Justice bill , GenderNeutralLaw , Men’s Rights Commission .


  2. Good afternoon….

    Well said…People often forget a man’s or father’s contributions and sacrifices, towards their family or towards their country.
    As pointed out by Mr. Verma ““Shayad isse ne hi kuch Kiya hoga”…..

    Left or Right no fear blame a MAN, has become order of the day…..

  3. Great speaks for itself. What are the other interesting stats about man in India? Do we have any open data that gov of India provide that’s suggest statistically about man and what’s going on in reality.

  4. In India there is Right to equality among equals and not unequals, and the theory is that Women are considered to be weaker sex and are given priviliges in law, which in todays context is not justified and should not be given. It is true that they are seen flouting laws, and misusing them to there selfish and cheap benefits. There should be an approach to penalise the wrong doing women then actually talking about one section of IPC. The penalising provisions should be in the law itself, if found the complainant had made false complaint, she should be automatically arrested, because such women easily get away despite wrong doing.

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