The Good Samaritan : A No-Man’s Land

So, here’s the news of Good Samaritan dies trying to save three girls from drowning which says, a Bandra-based resident jumped into the sea, for saving the lives of three girls.

The incident occurred in Bandstand, today, when the girls, who are students of a Govandi-based college, were trying to click a selfie. Witnesses say that the trio started drowning in deep waters, when Ramesh Valanju, 35, jumped in to save them.

Ramesh, who is a resident of Bandra, successfully saved the lives of two girls. However, in his final attempt to save the third girl, Ramesh along with her drowned.

Reading this news, only one word came to my mind – “Idiot”. Idiot was the man who just ended his life for trying to save 3 unknown careless girls who were trying to take selfies by the side of the sea. On one hand, where women are busy ruining lives of stranger men by putting wired false allegations on them, men are ending their lives trying to save stranger women. If that’s not idiocy, I don’t know what else is.

However, on a second thought, there’s a danger far more grave waiting to happen. If this man would have survived, trying to save them, I wouldn’t be surprised if he would have been charged with molestation of the girls.

These are dangerous times for men. When women no longer care for men and do not have gratitude for all the protection that men offer to women, there is no reason, men should risk their lives trying to protect women.

Good Samaritan is the title men get for losing their lives but when they are alive, they do not even get a peaceful existence as their whole life goes in trying to prove how well they treat the women around. So, in such circumstances, men should stop being the Good Samaritan and stop helping women.

The Good Samaritan needs to be a No-Man’s land unless the society learns to respect a man’s right to peaceful existence without putting heaps of expectations on him to lead a compromised life full of risks and dangers just to score good in the eyes of an anti-male society.


4 thoughts on “The Good Samaritan : A No-Man’s Land

  1. Your caling this attempt to save three girls as idiocy is something i am unable to agree with. Whether known or unknown if you happen to see somebody in danger it is your duty to give an helping hand and that is humanism not idiocy, calling it idiocy is nothing but saddism

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