Indiatimes bows down before feminists

On International Men’s Day (November 19), Indiatimes had run a pro-men campaign creating awareness about men’s problems in the society through a series of images. Feminists got scared that their real agenda of male hatred would get exposed and rallied against the post. The main anti-male venom was spewed by Kavita Krishnan, known for her hatred towards men. Indiatimes bowed down before the pressure and took the post down, apologizing to the feminists.

Now, decide, if its really a male dominated world where men can’t even speak up and need to be apologetic for getting victimized.

However, here are the pictures for everyone to see. Decide for yourself.











12 thoughts on “Indiatimes bows down before feminists

  1. I would like to request the administrator to also include the picture in this article at the end where Indiatimes have apologized after a day or two for putting up the above images and this article. Then this article is complete.

    • Oh yeah? Anything that presents “crime against women” is “very well brought into light” and those that present “state sponsored abuse of men” are to be “hidden in the dark”. Wish u NGO’s grow up beyond the decades-old-thinking of 70’s and see the facts.

  2. Reblogged this on The Male Factor and commented:
    Shame Indiatimes. Probably for you bowing to Feminists (who don’t allow us to comment on their blogs in the fear of getting exposed) is the only way out to keep your readership. But people can recognize the feminist lies or half truths very easily.

  3. Struggle against Women Fanaticism Misusing Gender Biased Laws/Rules due to their Influencing Vested Interest driven Case Hungry Police-Judges and News Hungry Media has already Begun which will become Retaliatory unless their Misuses are Halted Retrospectively. Krishna

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