Gynocentric behavior in men – the biggest hurdle to their liberation

The news of Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) appointing a woman driver named V. Saritha has been making rounds these days. And the news is that she is the first ‘woman’ driver of DTC. Prior to this, uncountable number of men have applied for jobs, got them and toiled to drive the buses. But accolades? None; however, one woman joins and it becomes the talk of the town. Keeping this example aside, lets more forward.

Oppression of men is ancient and a chronic social disease which has plagued societies since millennia. However, it has never been much of a concern because inherently men are protectors and feel glorified in protecting others, especially women, by sacrificing their own lives. Even though men are marvelous and have created wonders through innovations, discoveries and scientific application of thought, yet they somehow always feel like taking certification from women even when it is not required.

The protector role in men coupled with this constant need to take certification from women keeps men under constant stress. And the problem lies with men. Also, this need to take certification from women has got nothing sexual about it.

Men do not take it only from their wives, girlfriends or their sexual partners but even from their sisters, female cousins, mother, aunts, female colleagues, etc. It is kind of a self-imposed oppression that men have subjected them to.

The behavior is outright gynocentric in nature i.e. it focuses exclusively on women!

Let us see some examples of gynocentric behavior of men:-

  1. Often while buying home or for taking it on rent, men do not take decisions on their own. Rather, they do all the painstaking effort of researching the houses, shortlisting them and then allow their wives to take the final decision.
  2. In marriage functions and in other family functions, men do not take independent decisions about finer aspects of the events including logistics unless certified by a woman.
  3. Men often measure degradation of culture with the clothes that women wear.
  4. Men do not trust other men/boys unless a woman speaks for them.
  5. Men hate those men and boys who date their sisters and daughters and always intend to hurt them unless the woman vouches for the man.
  6. When hurt in relationships, men often look for other women to comfort them.
  7. When a man faces distress in relationships, or is on the verge of breakdown, other men close to the couple always take those decisions which favor the girl.
  8. Whenever there is an altercation or a verbal spat or a disagreement between a man and a woman, other men tend to side the woman more than the man.
  9. Men tend to favor their mother over their father mostly.
  10. Men are moved more by issues pertaining to women while issues facing men rarely move them.

These are just some of the examples of gynocentric behavior in men. However, the gynocentric behavior goes deeper in men.

Let’s now see how this gynocentric behavior in men hurts them. Disadvantages of Gynocentrism:-

  1. Gynocentric behavior in men keeps them under constant tension and stress.
  2. It keeps men wondering they are not ‘hurting’ some woman’s feelings.
  3. It makes men over-apologetic to women.
  4. It makes men take insults from women at face value.
  5. It makes men think women as divine entities even when there’s irrefutable evidence of crime committed by women.
  6. It makes men hate other men as women find this as an easy tool to set one man against the other.
  7. It makes men feel guilty for being a man.
  8. It reinforces the protector syndrome in men which is the root cause of violence.
  9. It makes men punish other men for the crimes that women commit and owing to Gynocentrism, men just can’t believe that a woman can commit unprovoked crime and somehow hold some other unsuspecting man responsible for it.
  10. It increases wear and tear in men’s lives, increases their chances of committing suicides and reduces their life expectancy as it makes a man’s life a life on constant war-footing and men indulge in avoidable fights.

Gynocentric behavior in men is the biggest hurdle to their liberation. Men suffer because of Gynocentrism as it does not allow them to create social structures to protect men, punish abusive and criminal women and also make women take responsibility for their choices.

A lot of nonsense, chaos and problems are happening in the society because far too many innocent men are paying the price of the overall gynocentric thinking of men. Systems are clogged up, growth is impeded and archaic systems are refusing to change as they all benefit women at the cost of men.

Gynocentric thinking also validates suffering of men and necessitates it as a pre-requisite for social progress. Imbalance in gender laws which are all anti-male in nature and skewed implementation of gender laws is a direct result of Gynocentrism in men because it’s the men who run the systems and they twist all laws and procedures to benefit women against men.

Gynocentric behavior in men makes them almost certain, that in times of distress, no other man will help them and as such men bottle up emotions, which ultimately leads to crime. Thus, gynocentric behavior is the root cause of crime in society.

So, while we are at it, this extreme example of Gynocentrism in men and its adverse impact cannot be neglected. Around 1911 in Canada, there were increased incidences of women killing men and then feigning a story of torture and harassment by the man on the woman in order to justify their crimes and making look the murders as self-defenses.

The jury, consisting of men, would buy this story of damsel-in-distress having no other option but to kill her ‘tormentor’ and would forgive the woman, pardoning a murderer, a criminal, absolving her of the crime she committed and exonerating her from punishment.

The trend caught so much that ultimately, they had to get women indicted in the jury to ensure woman criminals are punished.

The example of V. Saritha cited at the beginning of the article is also a result of Gynocentrism in men. As it is often seen, men are sharing such news saying, “Feeling proud of such women” et al. Due to Gynocentrism, men do not appreciate other men achieving same feat as women.

Men think, it’s cool, fashionable and progressive to be gynocentric and regressive to be not so. Women take advantage of this behavior in men and ensure control of men via a reward and punish system – the carrot and the stick syndrome. And thus, men practice and indulge in Gynocentrism.

Men, also live their lives under this misconception that if they are gynocentric, they can lead a happy and peaceful life, not knowing that their life is a life on war-footing because of Gynocentrism.

Gynocentric behavior is a choice; men can absolve themselves of it in order to set forth on the part of liberation. Doing so, is also their choice.


9 thoughts on “Gynocentric behavior in men – the biggest hurdle to their liberation

  1. Virag, I fully agree with your views. Men are the reason why men are suffering. These Gynocentric thinking coupled with feminist media is the reason for the apathy of men. Nicely written article.

  2. Interesting, so in your opinion what would be ideal situation? taking your example of buying house, marriage decision.. what should men do in such cases?

    • The ideal situation is when:
      1. The property is bought on the name who pays for it and not on the women who leach him.

      2. High risk jobs like Military, harmful chemical factories, high rise glass cleaning, mine digging, coal mine work, radio active material related work should be done by women as a choice. Why should men take all the risks.

      3. A women should not hide behind making chapatis and claim all the man has as a price of that. She should work and earn equal to the man and share household expenses including the cost of the cook and cleaner.

      4. Women take care fo their parents as their brothers do and not say “main apna mayka chhod chuki hoon isliye koi responsibility nahi banti maa baap ke kiye” and at the same time “main tumahre liye apne mayka chhod ke aayi hoon”.

      5. Women should file an affidavit to themselves that they are marrying a man as they wish to and out of their own need, its no favor to the Man, its favor to her. She doesnt haev to “leave her house and come”, She can chose to be at “her house”, none would die !

      6. Women must take responsibilities of their action. Men and women should split cost of condoms and i-Pill. Its not solely a Mans responsibility.

      7. To hide her won extra/pre-marital affairs she must NOT blame the lover and label him rapist.

      8. Women must NOT call it rape just because they repent it.

      9. Women must NOT expect men to protect them when they do risky behavior (drink and party and expect Men to drp the “safe” for eg)

      8. Women must not raise their sons with sense of guilt that being a man its would be a failure if he is not able to protect provide (please) a women.

      9. Women must NOT raise their daughters with wrong sense of entitlement. Women must NOT train their fdaugthesthat “beta log tumare adhikaro ko chinege aur tumehin Ganjana Tumhari ki tarha do teem patiyon ko kha kar apne Hak jeetna hai”.

      10. Women must open their own car doors and go dutch on a date.

      11. Women must work for Mens Rights as many men are working for Women rights to bring equality in society.

      See as a Man I chose to reply to a Female name and not to a Male name – this is a Gynocentric behavior and to repent for it I must read few chapters of the book “Is There Anything Good About Men?” By Roy F. Baumeister. I hope that God forgives me for my Gynocentric behavior. BTW, God is a feminist too.

  3. It is nice article virago. Due to this behavior, men are treated as ATM machines. You take any marriage proposal, boys are asked how much salary, how much property. The boys who are not getting more than women , those are not marriage material. In turn our society blames men.

  4. Awesome article Virag. Hit the nail on the head. Men now should stop asking for certificates from women and feel proud of other men achieving something.
    There is another point here: Society has also started another trend in the recent past. If two guys are very close friends ans are seen together, they are termed as Gay and made fun of even if they are just cool buddies. This is another strategy to ensure men does not try to enjoy another man’s company and is dependent on women only.
    Great blog!!

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