Conservative mindset turning out to be socially counter-productive

Few days back I didn’t know about Uber cabs, but now I know it as the cab service banned for one alleged case of rape and I am still to believe my ears that for one unproved offense an entire organization can get banned. However, strange as truth is, this is actually happening.

So, let’s have a closer look at the Uber cabs case. Story goes that a heavily drunk and skimpily clad woman hires a cab and sensing opportunity, the cab driver allegedly rapes her as she was so drunk that she did not realize he was taking her to a deserted area where he raped her. And following day, there is a complaint, followed by a huge hue and cry in the media and the brouhaha resulted in the entire company getting banned from its operations all over India.

Before we jump to conclusions, there are many unanswered questions in this story,

  1. If she was so drunk that she could not realize either the cab not going the correct route of the driving trying to rape her, she should not have gone alone.
  2. What is the guarantee that she did not sleep with someone in the party and to pass the buck, just blamed the poor taxi driver as the story is easily sellable and she can escape the responsibility by playing the eternal victim card?
  3. This taxi driver has been trapped in a false case of rape earlier also where he got acquitted, it is evident that he would be aware of the dangers of the legal system for men and would dare not attempt it.
  4. Why is media so hell-bent on naming it a rape case even before investigation?
  5. What is the need to ban the entire company from operating? Even assuming the rape happened, how exactly it is going to solve the problem?
  6. Who will take responsibility of those families who got stranded due to the ban and if some men from those families resort to crime just to maintain their livelihood?
  7. Tomorrow, if a rape is reported in trains, are we going to ban the railways altogether?
  8. Is an unproved crime against a single woman so important that the entire economy has to suffer because of this?
  9. Why are we allowing media and feminists to rule this country? What contributions have the feminist media done for the country?
  10. Tomorrow, if the case is proven false just like the Badaun rape case and the Rohtak bus incident, who will take responsibility for the entire fiasco?
  11. Feminists lost a lot of face in the Rohtak incident as their bid to promote violent women as “Bold victims of molestation” fell flat, was this case an attempt to drive the attention away from that defeat?
  12. Uber cabs and Taxiforsure were emerging as the gen-next in the area of intra city transportation with their mobile app based services. Was it a pre-planned strategy to uproot their business models by making false claims of dangers around their operations?

While we scourge for answers to the above questions, meanwhile, what is the message we get?

The message is very clear that male hatred is rampant in the society and one and all including men are participating in vilifying men and punishing innocent men on mere verbal allegations of women believing women to be innocent saints who can never lie.

What happened in the Rohtak case? The girls had a history of violence, aggression, extortion and false complaints which they were using to make money but as soon as the video went viral with the allegation that the beaten up boys were alleged molesters, the girls became national fame overnight.

Now, even after the girls have been exposed, there is no respite for the boys. Poor boys had the responsibility of entire family upon themselves and are now left without jobs while these girls are enjoying state sponsored protection. As a taxpayer, I ask the Government of India – “On what basis is my money being used to shield the aggressive and violent women?

In yet another gruesome case of mob violence in Bangalore, an innocent man was tied to a tree and beaten black and blue by a mob as few girls falsely accused him of molesting them whereas it was a misunderstanding, the man was actually trying to go away from the group of girls as it was dark.

And these examples aren’t isolated. These are the just a handful of incidents glorified by the media and these reflect a pattern of behavior in the society. The pattern is very simple – “eliminate a man against whom a woman has complained” taking the woman’s word at face value.

In fact, the hatred goes deeper as it is evident in the ban being applied on the entire company for one alleged incident. And if that is so, why wasn’t HP banned from its operations when Pratibha murder and rape case happened in 2003 in Bangalore?

Are there other political motives behind this ban which could not have been justified without the rape case?

However, the important point here is that when it comes to punishing the entire clan of men, just one case is more than enough.

And that raises the next question – who exactly is responsible for this mess?

And the answer that comes out is, its men who are themselves responsible for this. The men in power and the powerless men who aspire to be like the men in power. The powerful men who are running the Govt., business houses, media channels etc. are grappled by a conservative thought that men are aggressors and women are victims and that women never lie.

That’s why we see Haryana Govt. rushing to announce the reward for the Rohtak girls who beat up innocent boys and later cooked up a story of molestation, or the Central Govt. banning Uber cabs and TaxiforSure – the mobile app based cabs.

The conservative men in power have grown so spineless that for the fear of being ridiculed they jump to knee-jerk reactions to feminist browbeating and coming up with ridiculous solutions just to shut everyone’s mouth. Otherwise rewarding violent and aggressive women or banning an entire company on the unverified allegation of a totally drunk woman makes no sense.

The underlying belief that women never lie is the root cause coupled with the fact that men are presumed evil. So, the premise that, “The man must have done something”, overrules logic, evidence and corroboration of allegation vis-à-vis evidence resulting in innocent men being punished and the image of men being tarnished without reason or their fault.

Old men in power think it is their birthright to oppress men using women and feminism and because they have power, money and influence with them, they will be invincible. They also want to control the lives of other powerless men around by controlling their sexual urge and punishing men for their sexuality. This is not a fight between men and women, this is a fight between powerful men and powerless men. Powerful men are using women as weapons to convert powerless men into slaves.

The onus lies on the powerless men. Men must unite and stand up against these old people and conservatives controlling the power positions. Without the old people and the conservatives being there it was just not possible to implement the ban on Uber or to announce award for the violent women of Rohtak. It is these conservative old people for whom a woman is always a victim and a man always at fault, who are responsible for the mess going on, and the war against men.

It’s a war started by men, against men and it is a war men shall end by ending misandry against each other. If things continue unabated like this and the conservative old people are not challenged to change their mindset then all such measures they take just to contain the unrest is going to prove socially counter-productive.

It is these conservative people who spread a meme in the society that men must take utmost care of women and if they do so, their life will be really happy. That is the reason we see so many advertisements with the hidden message that it is a man’s duty to provide lifestyle, luxury and pompous life to a woman. The hidden meaning of such information dissemination is that if a man fails to do so, his manhood gets challenged and he is easily disposed of by the society irrespective of his sacrifices and contributions towards the society. One allegation is enough to finish the man off.

And, it’s not that the men in power are unaware of this. They aren’t. They are well aware and they conscientiously want the society to be designed in a gynocentric manner so that their reign of power continues and the powerless men below them live in constant struggle to prove their manhood and a fear of losing it.

These powerful men have an unwritten pact signed with the feminists to be hand in gloves in spreading male hatred and indulge in male bashing and thus the feminists are like a small speck of dust in comparison to the devious conspiracy of these powerful men to ensure they continue to oppress powerless and innocent men.

If we want things to change, this conservative mindset must change first and the old people must be shown their real place in the society. This society runs on the risk, valor, courage and sacrifice of young men and not the old ones. It’s the young men who must be respected by these old men and not the other way round.

From that perspective, both old men and women are one and the same. The moment you challenge or confront them, you are tagged as anti-social. Therefore, it is totally wrong to say this society is male-dominated and deny rights to men on that pretext. It’s an alpha male combined with women dominated society wherein less than 1% of men and almost 100% of women are dominating the 99% of men.

The key challenge is not to uproot feminism, the key challenge is to retire the conservative mindset to the dumping grounds of history and start afresh with a new thought of true gender equality where,

  1. Abusive women are not eulogized and felicitated as national heroes.
  2. Abusive women are punished.
  3. Men are not punished just for being men
  4. Men’s rights are human rights.
  5. No laws are gender biased or anti-male.
  6. No special privileges to women.
  7. Men’s issues are social issues warranting institutional intervention.
  8. Gynocentric thought process is a social crime.
  9. Violence is considered violence irrespective of gender, and
  10. Feminist jurisprudence is counterbalanced by masculist jurisprudence.

5 thoughts on “Conservative mindset turning out to be socially counter-productive

  1. Women keep on playing the victim card because their is huge incentive in doing it. By playing victim they get monetary compensation from government. By playing victim they get sympathy from society plus excuse to get away with substandard performance. By playing victim they get option to blame anyone they choose to harass.

    The knee jerk reactions of various Governments have given rise to fake victim industry that is detrimental for the nation.

    Need many more such articles exposing this fake victim industry, they are siphoning off fruits of the hardworking people.

  2. A very thought out article on gender issue particularly how men are in constant fear of being penalized for no fault or by one false complaint of a woman. The issues raised in the article are very true and deserves consideration. The writer deserves accolades and appreciation for highlighting the plight of MEN in this century. Truly, men’s condition are very pathetic. All victims of false 498A are well aware of this phenomenon.

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