Paid Media Menace – UP and Rapes

Ever since the Samajwadi Party declared its election manifesto promising to work on reducing false cases in dowry and rape laws if voted to power, I was waiting to see what price does the SP Supremo, MSY must pay for his dare to speak truth.

My wait ended sooner than expected as one fine day I was having breakfast and was reading “The Hindu” which had front page news of “2 minors found hanging” and as I read into the contents, it said, the bodies were “indicative of rape”. Till date I am wrestling with the grey matter in my brains as to what would mean “indicative of rape”. Either rape has happened or it has not happened. Either, there has been a forceful penetration or there’s none. And this can only be established through autopsy and medical report.

Now, since the autopsy is not yet done and the medical report is not available, I was wondering how come media people came to the conclusion that it was indicative of rape? The rape news spread faster and before one could realize there was a storm on the political front and the social media blaming UP’s law and order situation.

Everyone was criticizing Akhilesh Yadav’s Govt. and UP was being hailed as the “State of Rapists”, even though BJP ruled Madhya Pradesh had more matter of rapes reported. Let’s look at some of the facts below:

The number of cases of rape reported in UP are 2.1 for 100,000 people. In comparison, in Delhi, its 7.4, Rajasthan 5.5, Kerala 6.5, Madhya Pradesh 9.7, Chattisgarh 8.3, Karnataka 2.1 for 100,000 people as per data by Union Home Ministry.

Mayawati went to the extent of asking Center to dissolve UP Govt. as if during her reign, no rapes had happened. But, then what was the reason that on just media reporting that its rape, there was a vicious attack being made on the UP Govt. and no one even bothered to check whether rape has actually happened.

Meanwhile, paid media channels spread the news like wildfire which was lapped up by misandrous society and men were attacked from all angles. Mere assumptions and presumptions were enough to vilify the entire male gender and the practices made every man to be looked upon as a potential rapist – including those male journalists who were spreading the rumors sans verification.

As a reality check let’s see how reliable is the paid media.

These 2 news reports tell us that how rape cases as reported by paid media turned out to be false later. This tells us that the media is extremely unreliable and no decision can be taken merely because media reported it. Moreover, once media reports such news in order to gain quick TRPs and creates a sensation, it never apologizes once the news is found to be completely false.

Even, for the much hyped Badaun incident, BBC has said, that rape has not happened and it was merely a case of honor killing, a news conveniently suppressed and still who is going to repair the irreparable damage done to men in UP due to the false propaganda spread?

Now, any woman, who wants to trap a man or wants to settle scores in a dispute would trap him in a rape case, paid media would shout at the top of its lungs – “One more woman raped” and the man’s life would be ruined completely.

Will the media take responsibility for the menace it is creating in UP? And how much power should be given to such a media that merely creates sensationalism based on assumptions in order to make a story “sellable” and later refuses to take responsibility for the news?

It’s a wake-up call to the citizens of this country – do not believe the paid media. Use your own brains. Why would someone, who has raped a girl, would hang them on trees so that everyone can see the bodies? How could the media conclude it was rape even before medical examination? And why only 2 reported cases of rape in UP are being hyped? And why more and more incidents of “rape” are being reported from UP only after the Badaun incident?

Is the media being paid by vested interests to spread these news reports and get favorable governments?


3 thoughts on “Paid Media Menace – UP and Rapes

  1. When someone dares to speak truth and get penalized its no surprise. We as a society are meek and wanna-be-politically-corrects.

    What surprises me further that even SP and MSY did not bother to ACK the support that he got from general public.

  2. Super post. Well written & reasoned

    Yes SP is being targetted especially after the elections. Interesting to note that Shri Modi Ji is silent to this well orchestrated Paid media’s targetting

    Time will tell IF the men and women of Uttar Pradesh wake up…


  3. Paid Media has been the backbone of women’s movement in this country. It is evidently clear that the the subsequent blitzkreig unleashed by reporting ‘rape’ after ‘rape’ was well orchestrated by vested interests. It is real puzzling why men cannot think in like terms and get swayed by these kind of biased reporting. The media in India is completely lawless and requires restrain and control. The bubble about them self regulating has been burst long ago. We lack sincere journalists of the past. We need to take this up with the Press trust of India

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