PRESS RELEASE: SIFF raises concerns over campaign of vendetta in UP rapes

Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF), an NGO working for men’s rights, raises concerns over the current “Campaign of Vendetta” that is being targeted against Samajwadi Party in Uttar Pradesh (UP) over the reported rape cases.

Recently, there has been a big brouhaha about incidents of alleged rape in Uttar Pradesh. Both Akhilesh and Mulayam Singh Yadav were blamed for rising incidents of rape in Uttar Pradesh. Even United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon also showed his displeasure at Mulayam Singh.

  1. Is this a fact that the crime rate of Uttar Pradesh is very high compared to other States in India?
  2. Or is there a concerted “campaign of vendetta” and “politics of crime” that is unleashed to degrade Akhilesh Yadav and Mulayam Singh Yadav?

Let’s look a few facts:

  1. The number of cases of rape reported in UP are 2.1 for 100,000 people. In comparison, in Delhi, its 7.4, Rajasthan 5.5, Kerala 6.5, Madhya Pradesh 9.7, Chattisgarh 8.3, Karnataka 2.1 for 100,000 people as per data by Union Home Ministry.
  2. Some of these States with high crime rate are certainly not ruled by Samajwadi Party. So, why Akhilesh Yadav is being singled out? It is a fact that there has been a sudden increase in reported rape cases and many innocent men have been implicated in false rape cases. This is just because they broke up with their girlfriends and refused to marry them. Media writes, consensual sex with false promise of marriage is rape. How?
  3. It is certain that there are vested agencies, which are indulging in witch-hunting because Mulayam Singh Yadav spoke against increase in false rape cases and called for punishment to women who file such false rape cases.

Violent crime occurs in every society in the world. About 28,000 men and 8000 women get murdered in India every year as per statistics by the Union Home Ministry. No one has found a perfect solution to reduce violence or murders to zero.

The most important method of fighting violence is better policing. Unfortunately, very rarely anyone focuses on how to improve policing all over India and a lot of effort is spent on gaining political mileage, witch-hunting and diverting people away from the real solutions to the problem of crime.

Uttar Pradesh has 71 police personnel for 100,000 people, where as in most countries in the world have 250 to 350 police personnel for 100,000 people. This situation gets worse as the police are plagued with corruption and other influences.

During the general elections 2014 campaigning Samajwadi Party was the only party that spoke about the rampant misuse dowry and rape laws and promised to work on reducing the growing misuse of Section 498A and rape laws.

As per a report by NDTV, False cases have been behind Delhi’s tag of rape capital.

The moment there is a complaint of rape, it is deemed to be a true case and concerted campaign of hate speech targeted against men is unleashed. Often, later the rape case is found to be false however, the damage cannot be undone.

In fact, given the rampant misuse of rape laws, SIFF questions “Are these campaigns being run by vested interests to convert rape law into an industry of extortion via promotion of false cases?

SIFF feels that it is high time and judiciary must start punishing unscrupulous and criminal minded women who file false complaints of rape and implicate innocent men in order to ruin their lives. Until and unless, false complaints of rape are not discouraged, number of reported rape cases will not drop and this campaign of vendetta is not a solution to the problem.

It is pathetic to see that instead of trying to work on the solution, we as, a society and institutional bodies like United Nations are indulging in mud-slinging, spreading hatred against men and asking for barbaric punishments without investigation.

SIFF condemns rape as heinous crime and at the same time raises concerns over the misuse of rape laws being allowed to grow.

SIFF demands,

  1. UP should not be singled out in rape related matters.
  2. There should not be a campaign of vendetta unleashed every time media reports an alleged rape has happened without proper medical examination and investigation into the matter.
  3. Owing to this campaign, a lot innocent men are trapped into false rape cases and sent to jail without investigation. SIFF calls for protection of all innocent men.
  4. Failed relationship matters must not be converted into rape under the false promise of marriage.
  5. Rape politics must be discouraged.

Social media must be regulated so that hate campaigns targeted against men can be arrested and those spreading it can be booked under the IT Act.


3 thoughts on “PRESS RELEASE: SIFF raises concerns over campaign of vendetta in UP rapes

  1. Well written press release. All points are totally logical and valid. Targeting men for everything will only weaken the society in due course of time. This needs to be condemned.

  2. This biased journalist, who goes by the name Arnab Goswami, needs to be taught a lesson. Did you see how on a debate regarding this, he and the other panelists were shamelessly attacking an SP member who was only trying to clarify what Mulayam Singh said. Arnab, just like the rest of the media is an expert at putting words in people’s mouths.

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