Netaji Speaks

Translated from Koshish Jaari hai….

In an ongoing court case, the lawyer argues, “Your Honor, the girl and the boy never stayed together, rather the boy died due to torture by the girl.” However, the judge isn’t interested in listening and says, “Whatever it is, as the wife has a legal right, shall be entitled to the insurance money”. You might be forced to think, it’s not a court order, rather hooliganism.

Somewhere distant, there’s another case going on. The lawyer argues, “Your Honor, the boy is ready to cooperate and he shall be granted bail as the girl and the boy have been living together for the past 2 years.” Whilst, it may be difficult to deduce if the judge really understood or not but he observes, “See, whatever it is, it’s a rape. Even the medical report says so; hence there is no respite from imprisonment. You might once again think, is it the court of law or mockery of justice?

And so, is going on a third case wherein the lawyer again argues thus, “Your honor, the poor man committed suicide owing to the false case of rape filed against him and this woman is imprisoned only for four years!” And comes a confident response from the judge, “She is a woman, she is lonely, we are punishing her for the small mistake, now what else do you want?” And you feel like banging your head against the wall at this open hooliganism.

And lastly, we come to a scene in the country’s highest court, wherein argument is going on in a case of giving dowry (Section 3, Dowry Prohibition Act), “Your honor, we do have a law against giving dowry and whence, this girl is admitting of self-volition that she gave dowry, then why shouldn’t be she punished?” Retorts the judge angrily, “So, you want me to punish the girl? Why should we do that? We cannot hold the wife accountable at any cost”.

The judge, not only passes orders to dismiss the case, but also imposes a cost of Rs. 50000 on the husband, payable to the wife for harassing her by filing frivolous cases. One seems to get disillusioned with the judicial system in India and it is quite natural to think that one needs an iron hand approach to deal with such institutional hooliganism. Petitions have been filed, protests have been organized, men even went to the extent of wearing saris portraying themselves as jokers and all fell on deaf ears. Even our famous Bollywood hero says, “ABCD padh li bahut, acchi baatein kar li bahut

When, in a world that fails to understand sane thoughts and logical rationale, the only voice that gets an audience is the loud voice. When Netaji said, “Boys and girls enter into friendship and develop differences later. On this, the girls file a rape case against boys and the poor boys are hung to gallows. Can’t hang someone for a mistake.” He took a clear stand against girls filing false cases against boys and to talk of death penalty in such cases is unreasonable.

However, his words were twisted and distorted as people like to understand what they want to understand. Whatever, you say, they would understand as per their choice. These are the people, insensitive towards male bashing, or male vilification. For them, women are like aliens who should be treated as the apple of the eye.

However, it is pertinent to note that since Samajawadi Party (SP) is the only party that talked about stopping misuse of women-centric laws in its election manifesto. And such a stand was intolerable by the feminists. While, on one hand, all the political parties are busy offering sops to women, sidelining the men and are talking only about safety of women, Netaji’s party is the only that is talking about punishing notorious women.

Undoubtedly, the voice Netaji used to convey his message was loud and it does have a loud effect on the audience. And all those who consider women as heavenly saints, trained their guns on Netaji. And of them, one is such a political party that has “Hindutwa” at the core of its agenda but is maintaining eerie silence on this topic even though innumerable Hindu males are becoming targets of such bad laws year after year.

There is an insurmountable number of Hindu fathers who are alienated from their children. However, for those proclaiming to be protectors of Hindu, the plight of these fathers has fallen on deaf ears. Would just constructing a temple would ensure all those alienated fathers become dads in true sense? Would they be able to reinstate themselves successfully in their child’s life? Would those young men, who lost their hay days in prison as they were jailed without investigation in false cases?

Today, all those content with the hooliganism of the law and order system are suddenly having issues with the hooliganism of Netaji! If you quiet then, then you must remain so now as well. This is a question of men, who are the pillars of the society and the very society has sidelined them.

The essence of a fact doesn’t dilute on distorting. One needs to think with their own conscience as to what wrong Netaji said and how many criminal women have been hung till death hitherto? Many of those women you might know personally and you would have excused them considering them to be empowered. As a lot of water has flown under the bridge and limits have been crossed, hence, as of now this is the only language that would be used. As goes the old saying in Hindi – “सीधी ऊँगली से घी न निकले तो ऊँगली टेढ़ी कर लेनी चाहिए।“ (it’s mandatory to adapt to crooked ways when straight methods do no work.


One thought on “Netaji Speaks

  1. Best Way to to Prevent Gravest Crime of Subversion of Justice by Indian Judges Misusing Laws is to Hang/Burn them in their same/last Court If they have Not Detected False Cases (100% are grave Criminals), If they bias with Vested Weaker Lobbies/Senior Advocates, If they encourage Frivilous/Revengeful/Money Extracting Cases (all done due to their Case-Hungriness).This applies equally to Police/Press/Women Fanatics misusing powers.

    Parliamentarians Must Enact Law (for such Punishment to such Gravest Criminals) and Enforce without Delay or Mercy.

    We must vote for such Candidates.

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