PRESS RELEASE: Aamir Khan is maligning Men by telling lies and half-truths in Ardha-Satyameva Jayate

Subject: Aamir Khan is maligning Men by telling lies and half-truths in Ardha-Satyameva Jayate.

Recently, it has been reported that actor Aamir Khan has approached Mumbai police with complaints about some malicious propaganda against him. This is least expected out of a person, who stereotypes and paints large sections of Indian men as evil on his show Satyameva Jayate. He claimed 50% of men are beating up 50% of women in the episode on domestic violence (in last season), which is far from any truth.

The title of Aamir Khan’s program Satyameva Jayate has to be changed to Ardha-Satyameva Jayate (Half Truths only Triumph) as it is all about manipulation and fake tears.

Actor Aamir Khan is doing business around truth while manipulating data, figures, statistics and telling half truths. This is not Satyameva Jayate at all. Watching such a program actually distorts one’s perceptions, when it is sold to the audience claiming it to be the truth.

For example, the episode on domestic violence never mentioned anything about any domestic violence that men may face, leaving the audience with a perception that only women face domestic violence and men can never be victims of domestic violence by women.

Not only that, the statistics of domestic violence against women in Satyameva Jayate were false as he went on to tweak the data here and there.

For example, National Family Health Survey (NFHS) – III, whose data Aamir Khan quoted, was funded by US embassy (or USAID) and it deliberately limited the survey to only women in the age group of 15 to 49. This survey conveniently excluded elderly men, women, children and most importantly men. Aamir Khan used this survey, but he failed to inform that all these categories of people are excluded.

National Family Health Survey reported 37% women facing domestic violence at least once in life time, but Aamir Khan failed to stick to this figure and tweaked it to 40% to make it a round figure, so that he can sell it to audience easily.

The other survey that Aamir Khan referred to is a survey by Yugantar Education Society claimed that 84% women face domestic violence in India. Now, one has to just wonder,

Why are we getting different versions of truths in different surveys and which figure is the truth and which is not truth? There cannot be 2 different statistical truths about domestic violence. Is not it? Does Aamir Khan even know which of these two, is the truth?

If Aamir Khan is referring domestic violence as a “truth” in Indian society, then we have to accept that every person including men, women, children and elders are at the risk of domestic violence, the violence inside four walls.

Enough male victims have approached Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF), who have faced domestic violence from wives including scratching by nails, slapping and pushing for not agreeing to have a child. Many have also complained of women getting their male relatives and even men in neighborhood to get their husbands threatened and beaten.

Domestic violence is reprehensible. But, a recent survey by Confidare India found that more than 66% of men who, eventually got separated have faced physical violence from their wives.

Some 29% men, who eventually got separated also faced physical violence from in-laws. Please note, these figures are from separated or divorced men only, not from entire general male population. Such a generalized survey has to be funded and conducted by Government. But, till then it is disgusting if domestic violence against men is ignored.

In year 2012, about 20,000 married men committed suicide compared to about 12,000 women due to “family reasons” alone. This data is from National Crime Records Bureau of Home Ministry.

If men do not face domestic violence and men are running an undeclared war against women as claimed by Aamir Khan, why are they committing more suicides than married women?

In this program Satyameva Jayate, Aamir Khan is just propagating popular stereotypes in very complex social issues and he is shedding crocodile tears. The end result is creating pressure on Government and Parliament to enact laws, which are simply excluding men from any protection.

For example, in recent times, men and homosexual are excluded from protection of sexual harassment at workplace and the Government is not yet ready to acknowledge the crores of men who are facing domestic violence in India.

Media and TV programs must stop manipulating public opinions with false information and stop dictating laws from TV studios. This is important to realize at a time, when many people and political parties are asking for more accountability of media. The self policing inside TV and media is not at all working.

SIFF would like to highlight the following:

  • Why did Aamir Khan rounded off the figure of 37% women facing domestic violence as reported by National Family Health Survey-III to 40%? Why he distorted it a bit, if he is claiming himself to be a champion of truth?
  • Why was he so confused about the truth that he has to use two entirely different set of numbers? Why he used two sources of data on domestic violence, which gave entirely different figures (40% and 84%)? 
  • Why did he exclude any data or survey on domestic violence on men, elderly people and children? 
  • Why Aamir Khan made it into women versus men issue, while a lot of domestic violence is actually bi-directional? 
  • Confidare India, a research firm has conducted survey on 263 separated men and it found that 66% of these men have faced physical violence from wives, not in life time, but often in a short span of just 3 or 4 years. 
  • Confidare India, has also found that 29% of separated men have faced domestic violence including physical abuse from their in-laws. Other kind of abuse from wife and in-laws include, “wife calling husband’s mother a slut or a whore.” 
  • While there are multiple laws enacted by Government to protect women from domestic violence, Aamir Khan’s one-sided program with Ardha-Satya (half-truth) has only one impact, i.e. Government’s refusal to give any protection to male victims of domestic violence.

So, Aamir Khan is partially responsible for denial of protection to male victims of domestic violence. By pitting women against men, Aamir Khan is playing a very dangerous game in our society. This can only create social hatred against men and misandry.

It is very strange that a man, who maligned the whole male gender, is now complaining of someone else maligning him.


5 thoughts on “PRESS RELEASE: Aamir Khan is maligning Men by telling lies and half-truths in Ardha-Satyameva Jayate

  1. Isme nayee baat kya hai. Bollywood is a reputed tail wagger in front of woman and feminists. They will make dulha bikta hai. Thousands of films on dahej. Have they made even one movie on IPC 498A dowry law and its massive misuse. Our public is also like that. Delhi gangrape main to laakho ki tadad aagaye sadak pe. Where were these avengers when maria susairaj and her lover boy were involved in the gruesome murder of Grover. Voh bhi to kisi ka beta thaa. Ek baar janta sudhar jayee and realize this yeh aamir khan and company apne aap seedhe ho jaayenge.

  2. Delhi gang rape mein salman khan made lot of noise against these rapists. Funny a man who has reputedly bashed up heroines eg ashwarya rai, Katrina kaif ( news has come that she was actually caned by him on one occasion ) is so angry as if he was bhimasen of Mahabharata angry at draupadis injustice. There is a saying jab gaon mein bachche ki maut hoti hai to maa se zaada dayan roti hai. These actors themselves don’t respect woman and are behaving like guardian angels. Were was aamir khans woman orientation when he divorced his loyal supporting wife for Kiran Rao ?

  3. Breaking news. On rediff taaza samachaar suzaaine is demanding a whopping 400 crores from her husband Hritik Roshan. Serves these bollywood actors right. Womans rights ko ja nasha inke sir pe chadh ke bol raha hai hopefully this will be an eye opener.

  4. Amir himself probably doesn’t know the truth. He needs opportunity to be popular and make the most.
    He presents what is given to him by the Satyamev Jayte experts to maximize popularity or TRP of the show.

    When a false case is filed by a girl (or her family even if she doesn’t want to file a false case) for extortion or revenge , It comes as a statistics . But the reality is opposite – only the actual people involved know this reality.
    The Statistics given to him are wrong , people who get the stats DO NOT know this.

    So , the TRUTH shown becomes an OPPOSITE false information. The deep reality remains hidden.

    Thanks for writing this reality and being brave enough to write the truth.

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