News 9 debate between masculists and feminists on Property Division – IrBM


11 thoughts on “News 9 debate between masculists and feminists on Property Division – IrBM

  1. Respected Sir
    Please don’t take it as critisicism. But arguing or debating usually with these dim witted feminists don’t work. Debates took place with Smt Renuka Choudhry as regards IPC 498A dowry law. Despite 98% fake cases she shrugged her shoulders saying any law can be misused now its time for men to suffer. There is a saying in English. Never argue with a fool. He/She will bring you down to his/her level and beat you with his/her vast experience.

    • You are right. I think we should take opportunities like this to address the audience rather than get into a verbal altercations with the feminist idiots.

      We should directly address the TV viewers of the facts, the consequences of such acts and then ask them to come to their own conclusions, only after conducting the necessary research!

  2. Even though its not going to directly help but it will help people aware of these issues. I shared this link with my colleagues and many people asked is it real that they have to give 50% of share to Wife? Now they want to fight against this. So I feel we should continue doing this to increase awareness.

  3. Women’s rights activist searching for words..very good discussion. I couldn’t stop laughing when she said we are trying to save families including property…haha who files for maximum divorces? and also what if the woman is adulterous or cruel? I know a case where the husband is beaten everyday for last thirty years…and carrying on marriage like that..

    • Our aim should not be to tear the feminist asses..but to pass on the message to the citizens of India so they can decide for themselves on how badly they want to get screwed!

      • Mr. Raj
        You seem to remind me of Lord Rama hesitating to battle the raskhasni Tadka ( as shown in yesterdays T.V serial Mahadev. Maidane jung main Lakshman ko bhi surpnakha ke khilaaf talwaar uthani padti hai. I am not saying your wrong passing message to citizens is important but don’t underestimate these modern tadakas. Blessed with a cruel mind and zero level humanity and zero intellect to match they are very formidable and have to be cut down to size.

      • Hi Niraj, I completely understand that we need to fight the feminist. But given our limited resources, we need to attack the roots. Going after feminist is like treating the symptoms and not the illness! We must go after the government and make them change their minds. For that we have to have the backing of the Indian public, which will only happen after we educate them on the hidden agenda of the government. Once this is done, is where we can successfully go after the feminist!

  4. I had heard some discussion was to be taken in parliament on this wife half property law on 4th August Sunday. Can Someone please throw light on what happened

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