Conservatives in India responsible for family breaking

Marriages are breaking up? Blame Men, extort them.

Families are being destroyed? Blame Men, extort them.

Materialism is increasing? Blame Men, extort them.

It is increasingly becoming a social tendency to have laws, social structures and provisions in place which make it convenient to blame men for every social problem and also consider it politically correct to have a law which will extort men in the event of a fallacy.

Such a feeling is promoted by misandry (social hatred against men) and its misandry within the society which makes look extortionary laws look “progressive”.

One such extortionary law in the pipeline is the “Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2010 which seeks to introduce a new ground for divorce known as the “Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage”. Under the guise of providing quick divorce, the Govt. of India is on the brink of passing a law that will rob men off their hard earned properties merely because their marriage didn’t work.

This proposed bill has provisions to give away at least 50% of a man’s hard earned property to his wife in the event of a divorce. If a man doesn’t own one, his ancestral or inherited property shall be divided but in the event of a divorce, a woman shall be guaranteed free property from husband’s family irrespective of the properties she may/may not get from her parents.

Additionally, only women have right to object to divorce citing “insufficient financial security” whereas men do not have this right at all. The gender bias against men will be codified in the law defying Article 14 of Constitution guaranteeing legal equality to all irrespective caste, creed and gender.

Such unconstitutional and extortionary laws which incentivize divorce for a woman shall act as great family breakers as now women will file for divorce in short marriages (even supported by her own parents) eyeing property of their husband’s family.

Conservatives like BJP and RSS are supporting the proposed bill under the assumption that a woman will not file for divorce but if divorce is incentivized in this manner and laws are formed guaranteeing tax free money, wealth and property, it will be foolish to expect women not to file for divorces.

Most countries which have property division laws have an abysmally low marriage rate. Men, in those countries simply refuse to marry. Same situation will happen in India and this can only be stopped by conservative parties like BJP and RSS.

Such laws not only promote economic parasitism in women, but also encourage financial extortion of men in marriages. Parents of girls would be encourage to have their daughters married to a rich guy owning properties and then breaking the marriage for silly reasons in order to grab his property. Marriage will be converted into a property transfer bureau enriching one spouse (wife) at the cost of the other (husband).

Such laws will also promulgate suicides of men which would contribute to the already high number of suicides committed by men. As per data provided by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), a unit of the Union Home Ministry, every year close to 64000 married men commit suicide of which men committing suicide due to family reasons and domestic violence tops the chart as the single largest contributing factor.

This law needs to be stopped with immediate effect; otherwise, we shall be heading towards a marriage-less and father-less society extremely prone to crime, lawlessness and chaos.

And for large-scale massive social destruction, the conservatives will be directly responsible not only for their inaction against such laws but also silently promoting them.

The Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill in its current form must be rolled back. The causes and reasons for doing so have been explained at


6 thoughts on “Conservatives in India responsible for family breaking

  1. Excellent write. This needs proper marketing so that more people get to read this as it is nicely summarised and also explains the effects on society if this becomes a law in the current form. Kudos to the writer.

  2. Vrry good article which clearly explains hoe idiotic theis law is which is is highly gender biased and one-sided favoring only the female sex and is prone to misuse just as 498a, DVAct CrPC 125 and other marital laws

  3. In passing marriages amendment act 2012 to forget our constitution by our lawmakers will be a great set back to our country and our menfolk. Vote bank politics should not kill the law.

  4. I think Indian population increased rapidly. The Govt of India might have play a lethal game on the Indian society for break down or prevent marriage to stop Indian population. So I think passing of Such unconstitutional Bill through Indian parlament might have the immediate effect to prevent the growth of Indian population; so in Sociological point of view GOVT of India believe the Standarization of the nation can accomplished by killing MEN indirectly with the help of lethal GENDER POLITICS !!!
    I think Gender Liberation is only way to prevent it, rather Conservatives agenda.
    Hey SIFF members a lot of thanks for the Release… Go ahead…
    Why you not create a news paper Or A shophisticated Men welfare Organization that fight against Legal Terrorism ?

  5. We Indian men are ourselves to be blamed. During the delhi gang rape thousands of men/boys were on the street demanding change in rape laws. Totally oblivious of the threat they themselves are prone to in anti rape law or for that matter just about any law. For such men/boys shayri mein kehte hain Apne ghar mein jalano ko diya nahee doosro ke ghar main chiraag roshan karne chale

  6. There is no Solution but to Defeat Vote-Hungry Politicians esp. Sonia Led Congress for enacting Unconstitutional Anti-male& Prowomen Laws/Regulations by whipping/cooking up Anti-social Prowomen sentiments& Media Publicity.
    To teach them Lesson, Elect Unknown Representatives, If there are no good neutral Peoples’ representatives (given various Scams by MPs incl. sexual favours by women’s groups),

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