PRESS RELEASE: SIFF Calls for a Peaceful Protest March Demanding Rollback of Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill 2010 (IrBM).


Subject: SIFF Calls for a Peaceful Protest March Demanding Rollback of Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill 2010 (IrBM).

Theme of the Protest:

The theme of this protest is to register Strong Protest against the Marriage Law Amendment Bill (2010), commonly known as IrBM (Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage) OR No-Fault Divorce. It is a common practice to ask men to make huge financial payment to his wife when a marriage breaks. The same injustice to men is now being extrapolated by this new Bill which incentivizes a Wife to take Divorce for NO FAULT of the Husband with minimum 50% of his owned / acquired / inherited / inheritable / moveable / immoveable Properties. Often, the man is implicated in false cases in order to coerce him towards a settlement. Even the state machinery is hand-in-glove with the wife in this financial extortion of men.

1. SIFF being men’s rights organization identifies such abuse of men as a violation of the human rights of men. It vehemently objects to men being forced to pay huge and hefty Property or amounts to end marriages.

2. SIFF vehemently opposes upcoming laws like Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill which talks of giving away at least 50% of the property owned by husbands at the time of divorce apart from possible division of other properties like inherited, gifted, acquired properties.

3. SIFF also opposes all forms of pressures being put on a man to cough out huge alimonies and maintenance including the existing maintenance laws (Domestic Violence Act, Section 125 CrPC).

4. Such laws act as a great motivator for a woman to marry and break the marriage in order to enrich herself at the cost of the man (her husband).

Hence, women who are qualified such as CAs, doctors, professionals, lawyers, journalists, item girls, movie / television stars, graduates, IT professionals, any other White Collar job etc. should be summarily disqualified from opting for any kind of property / maintenance / alimony from husband when their marriage breaks.

In this age of gender equality, burdening a man with the financial burden of the woman even after the relationship is over simply ridiculous. Such provisions are forcing men to be FREE REAL ESTATE WEBSITE & FREE ATM MACHINES. These kinds of laws and mindsets put a lot of stress on men and many such men who are unable to deal with the stress and commit suicide.

Every 8.5 minutes, one married man commits suicide in India taking the daily tally to 200 and annually to 62000+ as per data provided by Union Home Ministry.

Who will take responsibility for such huge loss of human life every year merely because the society refuses to take steps in the direction of male welfare?

SIFF’s viewpoints:

  1. In the proposed Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill, which aims to introduce a new ground for divorce based on 3 years of separation between the couples, the Govt. of India plans to give away at least 50% of the property owned by a man at the time of divorce whether it is self-acquired, bought before marriage or after marriage or inherited.
  2. In a survey conducted by SIFF, it has been revealed that more than 80% of divorces are happening in short duration marriages ranging from 6 months to 2 years.
  3. This usurpation of husband’s property will happen in addition to financial extortion of men under false cases of Section 498A, Domestic Violence Act, Section 125 CrPC, etc.
  4. This is nothing but economic parasitism being promoted under the cute name of “Women Empowerment”.
  5. SIFF and other allied men’s right organizations all over India have registered strong protest against such mindsets and specifically against Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill.
  6. Men’s rights organizations all over India have sent multiple representations to the Govt. seeking to repeal this bill and have also staged protests in various cities like Delhi, Lucknow, Kolkata, etc.
  7. Having laws which guarantee a woman property worth millions or having a practice to grant lakhs of rupees as alimony basically means giving lifetime pension to a woman for a short marriage without any responsibilities.
  8. Instead of taking corrective steps to stop the ongoing and rampant misuse of already existing marital laws like Section 498A, Domestic Violence Act, Section 125 CrPC, the Govt. of India has gone a step further in ensuring that men are bankrupt when their marriage breaks, thus violating the principle of “No Money in Alimony” by way of introduction of the Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill.

SIFF Bangalore, in a bid to voice its concerns regarding the financial extortion of men in marriage using the new Marriage Law Amendment Bill (IrBM) and marital laws, has called for a peaceful protest march on the 18th of May 2013, Saturday from 10:30 AM. The march shall ensue from Town Hall and shall culminate at Freedom Park. Dress code of the march is a white colored top (t-shirt, shirt or a kurta). The theme of the protest will be “ROLLBACK IrBM”.

SIFF’s Demands in the protest:

  1. Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill must be Rolled Back with immediate effect.
  2. Views of Men’s rights organizations must be seriously considered before drafting any Matrimonial Law.
  3. Marriage should not be allowed to enrich the wife at the expense of the husband by having provisions to usurp his hard earned wealth and property.
  4. Alimony and maintenance provisions should not be used as tools for financial extortion of men.
  5. Educated women must be summarily rejected any Alimony or maintenance.
  6. National Commission for Men must be formed.
  7. Men’s Welfare Ministry must be formed.

 About SIFF:

Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF) is a non-profit, non-funded NGO creating awareness about men’s problems and concerns and sensitizing the society about men’s rights. SIFF takes pride in its expertise in providing guidance and coaching to men facing crisis situation in their marriages, especially in extravagant situations like men facing false cases of dowry harassment (498A), Domestic Violence Act, maintenance, Rape, Sexual Harassment, Custody, etc.

We invite all our media friends along with their cameramen to attend the event and give it wide publicity.


6 thoughts on “PRESS RELEASE: SIFF Calls for a Peaceful Protest March Demanding Rollback of Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill 2010 (IrBM).

  1. Our Heartless GOVT behave like that Marriage as a social CRIME instead of social CONSTRUCTION. I heat all anti-men (anti-social) laws and request to Rolled Back it with immediate effect that would help us to build a stable social.

  2. Respected Sir,   Can you please inform me when and where this Peaceful Protest March is planned so that I can be a part of it?   Thanks & Regards Meghdoot

  3. This type of injustice should be strongly protested. it is a one sided law . If any provision is available ,we should appeal to suprime court for making this law rational.

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