No Money in Alimony

Does it sound like a self-contradictory statement when I say, “No Money in Alimony”? Because, everyone knows that alimony is the money that a husband pays when he gets divorced from his wife, so when we say, “No Money in Alimony”, what exactly does it mean?

It simply means, “Abolish Alimony”. And do we have the eyebrows already raised?

Well, yes, then I guess this article is pretty much needed. I have often experimented by talking to people asking them, “Is it OK to abolish alimony?”

And the answer has been a majority NO, even from many of those men who are themselves paying alimony/maintenance.

And when I asked them as to why would they support alimony, the answer was, “I know my wife doesn’t deserve alimony, but there are many genuine women who should get?”

And this made me ponder and wonder, “Is it OK to burden a husband with the financial burden of his ex-wife even when the relationship is over?”

“Is it not the responsibility of the parents of the wife to make her self-sufficient rather than making her dependent on the husband?”

“Why should marriage be looked upon as avenue to generate lifestyle sustenance for women at the cost of men?”

Keeping these points in mind, I feel it’s time we abolish the concept of alimony and build social structures which take care of both men and women in old age rather than burdening a single individual with this responsibility.

And when we are abolishing the concept of alimony itself, the upcoming Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill also needs to be scrapped in its current form because it talks of usurpation of at least 50% of the property owned by a husband in the event of a divorce. Such monetization of divorce at the cost of men is a social crime we must refrain from committing.

Having similar thoughts, men’s rights organization Save Indian Family Foundation has made a clarion call of “No Money in Alimony” and organized a peaceful protest march asking the Indian Govt. to repeal the Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill.

Event Details,

Peaceful Protest March from Townhall to Freedom Park in Bangalore on the 18th of May 2013, Saturday from 10:30 AM onwards.

If you too feel that alimony must be abolished and men’s property must be safeguarded, do join the march and display your solidarity.


4 thoughts on “No Money in Alimony

  1. MAINTENANCE AND ALIMONY ARE WORSE THAN DOWRY. At least Dowry was for the purpose of marriage. But Maintenance and Alimony are incentives for separation and divorce leading to family breakups.

  2. Divorce, Maintenance and Alimony are not a part of Indian culture. We have imported these from western countries. Now we have to face the consequences. Already the family system has broken down in the west. Now in India the family system is headed for a breakdown.

  3. Before marriage, every thing must be settled in writing as per laws of honesty, faithfulness and justice in the matter of sex, money, property and got it registered before marriage to avoid any sort of conflict later.

  4. It appears that foreign governments have influenced our law makers to make such destructive laws of alimony/maintenance for the purpose of destabilising our society. We all know how corrupt our present government is. It will be difficult for us to get justice with these people at the helm. A mass movement by people across the country only will help our purpose. So let’s garner as much support as we can for the noble cause.

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