SIFF Demands Exclusive Litigation Clause to be introduced in Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill

Coordinator, Save Indian Family Foundation



Dr. Manmohan Singh

Honorable Prime Minister of India

Subject: SIFF Demands Exclusive Litigation Clause to be introduced in Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill

Respected Sir,

Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF) is a non-profit non-funded NGO creating awareness about men’s problems and concerns and sensitizing the society about men’s rights. SIFF takes pride in its expertise in providing guidance and coaching to men facing crisis situation in their marriages, especially in extravagant situations like men facing false cases of dowry harassment (498A), Domestic Violence Act, maintenance cases etc.

Brief Background:

We have been following up the ongoing debate in the media and Govt. circles about an upcoming law, Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2010 which seeks to introduce a new ground for divorce in the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 and Special Marriage Act, 1957 – The Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage Ground providing for a quick no-fault divorce after three years of separation.

Dangerous Ramifications of the proposed bill:

What looks as a convenient way to dispose of the ongoing marital disputes in the country, which is seeing a splurge in divorce cases being filed, contains a few very dangerous provisions whose ramifications can be far-reaching and taxing for the society. Research conducted by SIFF leads it to believe, at the onset, that this bill is anti-male in nature and seeks to promulgate state sponsored financial extortion targeted against husbands.

This proposed bill is unconstitutional in nature as it does not respect Articles 14, 20, 21 and 22 of the Indian Constitution when it comes to married men. Married men are being offered a very raw deal in the bill as their constitutional rights of equality before law and a fair and free trial are being thoroughly jeopardized.

  1. This bill seeks to usurp at least 50% of the property owned by the husband at the time of divorce.
  2. This bill also stands to deny husbands the chance to oppose a petition of divorce filed by wife under this law, whereas an equivalent power wrests with the wife.
  3. This bill does not guarantee unlimited access of a man towards his children.
  4. This bill does not provide even a semblance of immunity to a man from other legal provisions surrounding marriage i.e. it does not bar a wife from filing a case of cruelty against the husband under section 498A / Domestic Violence against the husband while she seeks to obtain a decree of no-fault divorce.
  5. This bill can literally render a man bankrupt as he will first be extorted by the police under a false case of 498A IPC, then the wife will file a case under the Domestic Violence Act and seek maintenance, custody of children and right to residence, then again she can still go ahead and file a case under Section 125 CrPC to seek additional no-fault maintenance and after all this she will still be guaranteed ownership of at least 50% of husband’s property or an amount equivalent to it.
  6. The extremely anti-male nature of the Indian judiciary puts the Indian men at a position far precarious than one’s imagination as the judges, who are highly insensitive towards men, will first give away at least 50% of the husband’s property to wife and then slap additional maintenance, alimony and child support burdens onto the husband.
  7. In such a case a man will go bankrupt honoring court orders and paying litigation fees and he will lose his property as well.
  8. SIFF predicts that such a treatment accorded to men in marriages, for no fault of theirs, and such victimization of men may lead to rise in crime in the society.

SIFF’s Stand on the law:

SIFF completely opposes this bill in its current form as it feels this bill is thoroughly poised against men and is poisoned with a social mindset that validates burdening a man with the financial responsibility of the woman even when the marriage is over.

SIFF also despises the notion that seeks to make the wife 50% owner in the hard-earned property of a man without evaluating her contributions towards the building of the property. SIFF seeks intervention from the Honorable Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh in passing this law before consulting SIFF.

SIFF’s demands for the Bill at hand:

SIFF seeks the introduction of the Principle of Exclusive Litigation into the law as stated below:

  1. No such wife shall be entitled to seek divorce under the newly proposed ground of Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage once she invokes any of the fault sections pertaining to marriage like initiating a case against husband and/or his family under any of the section of the IPC especially section 498A, 406, 506, 323, 307, 34, 120B, the Domestic Violence Act, the Dowry Prohibition Act, Section 125 CrPC, Divorce on the grounds of cruelty etc.
  2. No such husband shall also be entitled to seek divorce under the newly proposed ground of Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage if he has already initiated a case under divorce for cruelty against his wife.
  3. Once a couple enters into litigation under the newly proposed ground of Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage, they shall mandatorily enter into an MOU providing immunity to each other against further litigation i.e. they cannot file any other case against each other under either any of the matrimonial laws or any other section/act, etc. except for child custody related cases, if children are involved and the couple fail to reach a consensus of custody/visitation of children under the no-fault divorce.

SIFF feels that the above clauses are extremely necessary and important to be considered and included in the bill otherwise the problem of multifarious litigations revolving around matrimonial disputes shall not be solved and while the wife will walk away from the marriage taking divorce and 50% of the husband’s property, the man will keep on fighting other cases which is grave injustice towards husbands and cannot be allowed to be codified as a law.

In a country where we are talking of Gender Neutrality and progressive laws, SIFF is saddened by the fact that today we are at the brink of passing an extremely regressive law which, under the guise of “Financial Security to a Woman”, seeks to jeopardize the “Social Security of a Man” and one which does not cater to the social security of a man.

SIFF feels that social security which comprises of financial security as well, cannot be burdened to a single individual, rather it’s the responsibility of the society to provide measures of social security to its men and women in their old age. And burdening a man with a broken relationship is a grave crime against humanity and must be condemned thoroughly.

Hence, in wake of the above points, SIFF feels that until and unless the above mentioned Clauses of Exclusive Litigation are not made to be a part of the bill, any discussion about division of property is a direct attack on the social security of a man and such a discourse cannot continue.

SIFF is also peeved at the societal inaction for creating a male friendly society. Hence SIFF also demands that,

  1. National Commission for Men be instituted that can conduct surveys and studies to unearth the problems faced by men and provide recommendations to the Govt. for male welfare.
  2. Men Welfare Ministry be instituted that can implement the recommendations.

Clause of Exclusive Litigation as explained above should be introduced into the draft for Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill.


14 thoughts on “SIFF Demands Exclusive Litigation Clause to be introduced in Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill

  1. I guess you have missed out the “inherited and inheritable property” clause completely. I won’t give that under any condition. I would rather commit suicide.

    • Weak people talk about commtting suicide. Come on Suman, be strong. Be like a soldier ready to fight till the last breath. Itihaas gawah hai, Jung Kabhi Markar Nahi Jeeti Jaati, Jung Jeeti Jaati Hai Dushman ko MAARKAR.

  2. Very good initiative. Why not make it a mandate for a daughter to get a fair share of her parent’s property before taking into consideration a husband’s (or his inherited) property.

    • Exactly @ Deepak. A nationwide campaign can help us create this awareness…..This law if passed without any amendments as suggested by SIFF, will only help in creating a bigger criminal society…and to me it looks like, this is what the government wants….

  3. Nicely compiled and well expalined. Hope the stone idol understands this and takes some action. I highly doubt any action because Congress is an anti men party.

  4. Our Heartless govt create anti-men laws like that Marriage is a Social Crime (rather Social Construction) done by men that directly break all social privillage of guys.
    So it should stopped immediately to keep stability of Indian family. I think following steps are necessary for govt & public to prevent it-

    1) Withdraw all anti-men LAWs & women right commission as well.
    2) Take special care on jobs for all men rather women.
    3) Legally Men should have efficient rights to divorce wife at any time in his married life without any condition as he wish. LAW should not strike to direct attack on his property(specially inherited) that ensure the ownership of 50% of husband’s property to wife during divorce.
    If so, logically wife should bring up the 50% of husband’s property / equivalent of it during marriage. Why GOVT not ensure it for men?
    4) GOVT should take special care on men rights, job, health and emotions.
    5) All men should protest it unitedly without any hesitation.
    6) Media-Social media should not focus extremely on the false allegations against men that stimulated by several political parties.

  5. Well done @ SIFF. Now this issue needs a “BIG PUSH” and all I can pray and hope is, people unite together to fight for this cause”. A nationwide campaign that has the potential to become viral……

    A campaign – Unite to fight against injustice.

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