Why Misandry (Male Hatred) is dangerous for the society?

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to justify crime or criminals, rather the article intends to understand the root cause and crux of crime in the society.

Lack of awareness of men’s rights, men’s issues, problems and an understanding of men’s rights is the biggest problem facing the men’s rights movement currently. The crux of the movement for men’s rights lies around eradication of male hatred from social mindset. Our existing social mindset judges men way too much. It loads men with expectations and gives very little acceptance to them as is reflected in the following statement:

“There is no limit to expectations from a man and there is no acceptance of the limitations of a man”

Such a mindset is precarious to the peaceful existence of men and forces the male world to be a violent one. Worst irony happens when the same men are held responsible for violence forgetting the fact that our social constructs have accorded the violent role of a Protector and that of a Bodyguard to a man. Should we want to stop violence, we must not accord the Violent Protector Role to men.

However, ongoing social trends suggest otherwise. Everywhere we see the glorification of the violent protector role of a man be it the Gillette’s ad “Soldier For Women” or ICICI Bank’s ad “Bande acche hain”.

And in this violent protector role, basically the man must fight other men. This requirement makes men insensitive to other men and the pain faced by other men. It directly attacks the male bonding in the society and makes every man cautious of every other man.

This argument, however, does not extend to women because women are not supposed to be protectors. So, even when a woman commits a crime, more often than not we see the judiciary pardoning the woman or letting her off with a minor punishment and the most ironical fact is that this behavior is acceptable to the society and such pardoning of female criminals never becomes an issue of national outrage or any kind of protest.

Even, when a man commits suicide due to false allegations, it does not move the society and the misandry (male hatred) in the society is so high that even the death of an innocent man fails to sensitize the society. There is no hue and cry in the society for getting justice to the man and punish the abusive woman who drove him to death and barring a few groups who have taken it upon themselves to fight for distressed and victimized men (ref. Save Indian Family movement), by and large the society does not feel the need to even take out a candle march for the deceased man.

These and many such incidents in the society clearly points towards a fact that society is so harsh on men. And this trend is dangerous. It perpetrates crime in the society and leads to social chaos. Men find it very difficult to communicate their problems and get support because societal misandry has not allowed the creation of any male friendly communicational spaces which allows men to communicate freely. As a result most men feel frustrated and suffocated emotionally and bottle up their emotions, feelings, pains and agonies.

Often when men are expected to take huge risks (personal, physical, financial) and are uncomfortable about taking them, they are written off as weak disposable assets and are belittled, humiliated and ridiculed. Such a socially accepted behavior gives rise to feelings of frustration and being neglected in men. This is the root cause of emergence of criminal behavior as a man feels cornered, abused and finding no way of reprieve, wants to get back at the system as a desperate attempt to bring forth the fact of how he was wronged.

But, as the misandrous system has already declared every man as criminal, any such attempt is also viewed as a crime and the system goes on promoting anti-male provisions by punishing and blaming men and fails to notice that the root cause of crime is not “Abuse by men, but abuse of men”, it’s the absence of male rights and not due to male privilege that a few men are found committing crime. Worst, is the snowballing effect, fueled by misandry, wherein even the slightest allegation against a man by a woman lands up the man in deep trouble.

This mindset also leads to promulgation of crime as many a men might just think, “I am anyways going to be framed as a criminal on mere allegations, why not commit the crime as well?” and this was exactly what Amit Buddiraja and Satish Gupta of Infosys did, or what Pavan Kumar of Kakkardooma or Pradip Jain of Deoli did. All these men were being harassed by their wives with either a threat of a false dowry case or an actually filed false case of dowry and being exasperated they took law into their hands and killed their wives. Except for Satish, all the other three committed suicide after that.

These and many other such examples clearly show the promulgation of crime in the society. None of these men were professional criminals, yet, what forced them to commit a crime? It was the criminal anti-male mindset of the society that holds a man accountable till he does not come out clean. One false allegation and the life of the man is hung at gallows.

Also, for those men, who commit crime, are they born criminals? They aren’t, but since our society forces every boy to earn his manhood socially and not gain it biologically, unlike girls, who beget their womanhood biologically; such a double standard mindset creates a fear psychosis inside men which makes them very weak emotionally.

At the same time, a strong social urge for the boy to be a strong protector, the man is torn inside out, trying to deal with a weak, disfigured and distorted emotional state of mind coupled with a requirement to be strong physically.

Ultimately, any attempt to abuse the man emotionally shall be met with a violent reaction and then we say, men are criminals and they commit crime forgetting the fact that, “the society creates the crime, the man merely commits it”.

Should we want crime to reduce, then instead of punishing men, we must stop creating crimes, we must stop abusing men and we must stop forcing boys to earn manhood. Respect must not be a scarce resource in the male world achievable only through social achievements, most of which mandate a man to view every other man as his enemy and practice misandry (hatred against other men).

Male Hatred (misandry) is extremely dangerous to society and will never allow crime to vanish. Choice belies with the society – whether it wants to continue with male hatred and allow crime to go unperturbed or take steps in the direction of male welfare so that crime reduces.


6 thoughts on “Why Misandry (Male Hatred) is dangerous for the society?

  1. Extremely well written, friend. Hats off to you. May your cries not land up against the deaf ears of the Indian society and the Indian Judicial system. May the emotional man not called as “Stupid” again.


  2. This is an excellent articulation of thoughts that I have had for a long time, thank you for writing it.

  3. Well written. Unless men voices are heard and their side of the problem understood, crimes will only rise law or no law.

  4. It will take lot of support and lot of hard work to get our words through. So let’s everybody unite for this cause and fight together to make ourselves heard.

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