PRESS RELEASE: SIFF calls for Peaceful Candle March in the honor of yet another Martyr of Marriage

Morning Shocker:

It was a usual Wednesday morning to which Bangalore woke up, only to be shaken by the brazen news of a young man of 36 committing suicide due to alleged torture by wife leaving behind his 1 year old son, 2 married brothers, an old mother and an unfortunate suicide note blaming his wife and mother-in-law for the extreme step of ending his life. Techie by Profession, Manoj Kumar worked for Oracle, while his wife Pramila worked for Bharat Electric Limited.

Manoj has had a tumultuous marriage. Constant torture by his wife which reached unbearable limits as she forced him to stay away from his family under threats of getting him jailed under a false 498A (dowry) case led Manoj to write “Sorry Son” on his T-Shirt before hanging his body from the ceiling fan on the unfortunate night of 8th April 2013. This was after his wife abused his entire family, physically assaulted his brother with a helmet and tried to attack his old mother before she dared them that she would get them jailed in false dowry case if her demands are not met.

Manoj is not a solo victim but amongst lakhs of men who are abused daily in marriages and with this suicide, he enters the thousands of unfortunate men who die a silent death in an insensitive society that refuses to protect men.

Far Away in Dehradoon:

Manoj’s case is not very different from the case of Dr. Prashant Pandey of Dehradoon who committed suicide about two months ago as he was trapped in false cases and was not getting justice anywhere from the legal system. 55 days after he succumbed to the anti-male bias, his perpetrators roam free in the society while the Dehradoon DCP gives lip-service to his family.

Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF) is a non-funded non-profit NGO fighting for men’s rights, Gender Equality and Family Harmony by creating awareness against the misuse of anti-male laws like Section 498A (the dowry law), the Domestic Violence Act, and the various Maintenance laws etc. which are systematically breaking down the family system of India and perpetrating state sponsored abuse against men.

SIFF recognizes such abuse of men is growing by the second and being exasperated, these men are committing suicides. These men are not dying; they are actually “Martyrs of Marriage”, as they lay down their lives at the altar of marriage trying to protect it from their vindictive, abusive, manipulative and greedy wives.

Having no law at their disposal to protect them and also fearing false cases being lodged against them under the various anti-male laws, these innocent abused male victims feel it’s the end of the road and take to the extreme step of ending their lives. SIFF displays solidarity with the families of such victims and strongly condemns their deaths.

No Isolated Cases:

As per data provided by the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB), every year more than 62000 married men are committing suicides and the number is rising. In the last 15 years close to 200,000 married men have committed suicide directly due to domestic violence and torture from wife as per the analysis of NCRB, a unit of Union Home Ministry.

A mark of respect for the Martyrs of Marriage:

On the Saturday, 13th April, 2013, four cities – Bangalore, Delhi, Lucknow and Kolkata – will rise for men as citizens will be participating in Peaceful Candle March praying for the departed souls of the Martyrs of Marriage demanding strict action against such women and their family members who abet the suicides of these martyrs.

Similar marches shall also be held in Hyderabad and Pune on Sunday and in London as well.

The Address for Bangalore march will be

#931 1st B Main, 4th Block, S T Bed, Koramangala. 2nd Left after taking left turn near Mast Kalandar near Sony World, Koramangala.

Time: 7: 00 PM, Date: 13 April 2013

SIFF Demands:

  1. Bail must not be granted to Manoj Kumar’s wife Pramila
  2. Her mother must also be arrested and sent to jail as she has been named in the suicide note.
  3. Police must immediately arrest all the accused named in the suicide note who abet the suicide of a man, especially married men.
  4. Such cases should be tried in fast track courts so that the bereaved can be delivered justice at the earliest.
  5. Government must enact a special law to protect men from the terror they face in intimate relationships – marriage being one of them.
  6. Government must conduct studies and surveys targeted to study the abuse faced by men.
  7. Government must form National Commission for Men.
  8. Government must form Men’s Welfare Ministry.
  9. Government must allocate budget in the Union budget for causes specifically targeted towards welfare of men.

Government must stop misuse of gender biased laws like dowry law, domestic violence act, etc.


3 thoughts on “PRESS RELEASE: SIFF calls for Peaceful Candle March in the honor of yet another Martyr of Marriage

  1. The government is still sleeping and the orthodox mindset of the legal system , the delay in giving justice to men and the judiciary being tilted towards women such women roam free even after heinous crimes.

  2. Unfortunately this is our society and we need to change it if we want to live in it peacefully or if we want our off springs to grow up in a better environment.

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