How many more martyrs do we need to awaken?

Morning Shocker:

It was a usual Wednesday morning to which Bangalore woke up, only to be shaken by the brazen news of a young man of 36 committing suicide due to alleged torture by wife leaving behind his 1 year old son, 2 married brothers, an old mother and an unfortunate suicide note blaming his wife and mother-in-law for the extreme step of ending his life. Techie by Profession, Manoj Kumar worked for Oracle, while his wife Pramila worked for Bharat Electric Limited.

Manoj has had a tumultuous marriage. Constant torture by his wife which reached unbearable limits as she forced him to stay away from his family under threats of getting him jailed under a false 498A (dowry) case led Manoj to write “Sorry Son” on his T-Shirt before hanging his body from the ceiling fan on the unfortunate night of 8th April 2013. This was after his wife abused his entire family, physically assaulted his brother with a helmet and tried to attack his old mother before she dared them that she would get them jailed in false dowry case if her demands are not met.

Manoj is not a solo victim but amongst lakhs of men who are abused daily in marriages and with this suicide, he enters the thousands of unfortunate men who die a silent death in an insensitive society that refuses to protect men.

Far Away in Dehradoon:

Manoj’s case is not very different from the case of Dr. Prashant Pandey of Dehradoon who committed suicide about two months ago as he was trapped in false cases and was not getting justice anywhere from the legal system. 55 days after he succumbed to the anti-male bias, his perpetrators roam free in the society while the Dehradoon DCP gives lip-service to his family.

Candle light march in Bangalore being organized by Save Indian Family Foundation as a mark of respect for the martyrs of marriage.

Surprised by the term “martyr”?

These men who commit suicide due to torture by wife and legal system are not dying; they are actually “Martyrs of Marriage”, as they lay down their lives at the altar of marriage trying to protect it from their vindictive, abusive, manipulative and greedy wives.

Details of the event are available at

Candle March in memory of Martyr of Marriage Manojkumar of Bangalore

If you are in and around Bangalore, mark your respect for the martyr by attending the event.


6 thoughts on “How many more martyrs do we need to awaken?

  1. ashame of living in this country,country which cannot make neutral law. country which is governing by corrupt politician, judiciary and adminstration. jai hind, jai bharat

  2. There was a couple who had the only son and wants to grow him better and, make him a gr8 man! And couple believes that a kid can be force to study in better way by beating only! So every morning and evening make him to sit with slate, books, pencils etc and starts with beating! On day kid died on spot due to unusual beating. And couple lost their dream to grow his kid to a gr8 man!
    Similarly, our useless judiciary and law makers knows only one theory to control the crime, that is put the person in jail immediately…. That to without investigation. The success of CrPc 302 (as per my consideration this also is a blind section) made indian law makers lazy, over confident and autocrat. And they tried to implement it in many serious and non serious offenses like rape law, dowry law etc, caused innocents punished frequently. But the govt. don’t know that the injustice crated by these law forced the people to involve in more and more crime, join the nuxalism, terrorism etc.
    Govt must re-think before implementing any fake law, other wise many educated people will be forced to join the revolters group and causing in-stability to the nation.
    Jai Hind!

  3. The story of Manoj as I write from Bangalore after meeting his family – His wife wasn’t happy about the fact that he is doing a private job while she has a comfortable, permanent, government job( people in private sector work ten times harder than ones in government jobs and also earn more than them…still the lady had this berserk notion….was she blind while getting married or DUMB? The irony now is…she would be released as she is the mother of a year old son….though she has killed the father of this son….The family asked me only one thing…even if Manoj did not take his life….did he have any alternative? The law would favor the woman even after the suicide than what alternative did he really have even if he was ALIVE? I did not have any answer 😦 …the biggest IRONY is ….this whole nation might not even get to know about his suicide! This very nation that shed tears over rape of a girl few months ago….wasn’t he also a citizen of this country? Just because he was a man…NO ONE BOTHERS…..SHAME

  4. it’s really hard that legal section like 498 are only used by manipulator ladies and not by actual sufferer lady. i am also facing the same problem , as my innocent brother and we family was continuously harassed from last 1 year & more by his so called wife and finally she filed 498 on us, also police arrested my brothers without any inquiry. it’s really shameless for our nation & we too that rules are meant to break. but we will fight against she and will win. But suicide is not the solution, fight till the last second of life.

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