Press Release: Men’s Rights Activists celebrate conviction of Sanjay Dutt; miffed at talk to pardon him


 Subject: Men’s Rights Activists celebrate conviction of Sanjay Dutt; miffed at talk to pardon him

Organizations fighting for men’s rights, men welfare and abuse of men under anti-male laws like Section 498A, Domestic Violence Act, rape laws, sexual harassment laws, etc., under the umbrella name of Save Indian Family (SIF), are appalled at the generosity being depicted by eminent personalities like retired Justice Markandey Katju, Manish Tewari, etc. in petitioning for pardon to be granted to Sanjay Dutt after the Honorable Supreme Court upheld his conviction.

It is pertinent to mention here that Dutt was found guilty of possessing illegal arms, also had some alleged role in the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts that claimed that lives of 250 people and injured more than 750 people. After years of trials and appeals, the Honorable Supreme Court finally upheld the conviction of Sanjay Dutt establishing him as a criminal and sentencing him to 5 years of Rigorous Imprisonment. Since he has already spent 18 months in jail, he would be required to spend the balance 3.5 years behind jail.

However, as soon as the sentence was upheld, we witnessed a melee of sympathy and brouhaha of emotions and suddenly we saw eminent personalities and renowned actors of Bollywood jumping in to “save” Dutt from the punishment accorded to him for the crimes that he committed.

And just before we react to that, here are some imminent questions that need immediate and satisfactory answers:

  1. How just it is for the Govt. to let go a criminal convicted in a very serious case, while it does nothing for lakhs of innocent men, women and children jailed in false cases  under section 498A (Dowry Law)?
  2. How often did Sanjay Dutt, his politician sister Priya Dutt or Bollywood speak about ending jailing of innocent people in India under 498A?
  3. Six young boys spent 18 months in jail in Pune in TISS False rape case. What did Sanjay Dutt, Priya Dutt (MP) and Bollywood do for such innocent young boys implicated in false cases?
  4. Why do innocents go to jail and convicted criminals get mercy and pardon?
  5. Why people are talking about Sanjay Dutt’s work and his family background, while people and media never look at families of those innocents accused falsely under Section 498A?
  6. Why do innocent and ordinary citizens have to hide like criminals, while convicted criminals like Sanjay Dutt roam freely?
  7. DMK MP Kanimozhi was jailed in Tihar Jail for 6 months. If people claim Sanjay Dutt is just stupid and he not a professional criminal and his parents did a lot for the country, then the same could have ben said for Kanimozhi as well. She also has a family and a son. Her father and her family have also done a lot for Indian people.
  8. Why does the society not think of amending Section 498A which has been responsible for jailing of lakhs of innocent men and their families while it is ready to pardon a convicted criminal, accused of gross crimes against humanity?
  9. On one hand, Aamir Khan of Bollywood spread lies on national television that men are waging a war against women, and on the other hand, for Bollywood a person like Sanjay Dutt who joined hands with those who really waged a war against the nation are not criminals? How fair is that?
  10. Is Bollywood turning out to be the Tinsel Town of Hypocrites?

Bollywood itself promotes so much of male hatred and glorifies the violent protector role in men; its actors have no locus standi whatsoever to talk about men, either innocent or convicted criminals. Hindi movies portray show much of violence against men, especially when the hero fights the so-called baddies. The gruesome nature of violence that is showcased on the screen, wherein the hero throws around other men like objects, creates a very bad impression on the society. It makes the society insensitive to violence against men and abuse of men.

As a result, men find no communicational space in the society and most of them end up committing suicide being exasperated and frustrated by the constant indifference and judgmental attitudes of a society that is largely influenced by the Bollywood.

Bollywood glorifies anti-male concepts like the violent protector role of men, men judging each other, men discriminating against each other, men ruining their lives behind grudge-intensive-revenges, men feeling not-man-enough for failing to protect their family and thus Bollywood contributes to a very large extent for creating anti-male atmosphere in the society which ultimately kills men. Every year 80000 men commit suicide compared to 40000 women. Will Bollywood take the responsibility for that?

Bollywood actors like those of Farhan Akhtar indulge in spreading misandry (social hatred against men). Farhan started a campaign under the title of “Men Against Rape and Discrimination (MARD)” and then, started spreading anti-male sexist language which meant that a man is a man enough only when a woman certifies him to be so.

  1. Why doesn’t such sexist language exist for women?
  2. How often is a woman asked to prove her womanhood by sacrificing her own likes, interests and aspirations?
  3. Why are such partisan double standards, inherently gender biased and anti-male in nature, are glorified as much needed social movements and social transformations?
  4. Why are men forced to such judgmental attitudes in this age of so-called gender equality?
  5. Why are innocent men forced to go through arduous legal trials merely because a woman complains against them?

Sanjay Dutt’s own sister Priya Dutt, who also happens to be a Congress MP, who was very vocal on the TV about having draconian anti-male laws that would facilitate a man’s arrest merely on a woman’s complaint without trial or investigation, is now scouring for support for her convicted criminal brother, who enjoyed celebrated immunity all these years and has been found guilty all the way to the Supreme Court!

Men’s Rights Organizations are very happy that an anti-male MP got her own bad karma back and are celebrating the conviction of her criminal brother.

We Demand:

  1. The Conviction order of the Honorable Supreme Court must be upheld and Sanjay Dutt must be immediately sent to jail to serve the rest of the term.
  2. No mercy petition in his favor should be admitted/granted.
  3. Bollywood actors must stop their anti-male hatred and stereotyping in advertisements, films and stop violence against men in movies. They must stop selling violence against men as entertainment.
  4. If the Government pardons Sanjay, then all those who were falsely arrested in Section 498A should be granted compensation atleast worth Rs. 5,00,000 (5 Lakhs) per arrest.
  5. The Government must pay Rs.50,00,000 (50 lakhs) for 6 innocent boys jailed in false rape case at TISS (Tata Institute of Social Sciences), Pune.


Anil Kumar (0 98451 43724) Virag (0 90083 02822) Atit Rajpara (0 98237 88013) Swarup Sarkar (0 98187 89236)


6 thoughts on “Press Release: Men’s Rights Activists celebrate conviction of Sanjay Dutt; miffed at talk to pardon him

  1. False Feminists after destroying the Western Family System reducing it to a 71% Orphaned and Single Parents Society have now begun a worldwide campaign for anti Male Laws USING LIES and EXTREME HATRED AGAINST BOYS & MEN are spread by the False Feminists against Men in General using the weapon of Rape and Exploitation to turn important MassMedia People Governments across the world against Men by demonizing MEN in General and framing laws which are extremely Biased putting Men in an absolutely Vulnerable state at the Mercy of the Women through Laws

    Stastistics and History Cannot Lie, For Every 1 women or girl that is Alleged to have been raped or exploited there are 7 Young Boys and Men being tortured mercilessly beaten or murdered in the most gruesome of ways.

    Now it a known fact Prominent Womens Organisations are Manipualating Genuine Statistics for their Ulterior Motives, There has been a TV Sting on how the Women’s organisations across the country have turned into an Extortion Syndicate Exploiting Men Mercilessly for Huge amounts of Money.

    It is also evident through examples of Laws promoted by the WCD Ministry, that it has reduced itself to a Ministry advocating laws against Men.

    As we know from History Women across the world should understand that Anti Men Laws and Legislation’s promoted by the False Feminists would serve to only increase violence against us Women because as we known through History that when laws are Unjust and Extremely Biased the Oppressed take the Law into their own hands. As in History of Civilization, Men would take law into their own hands when Total Injustice is meeted out to them on a large scale. So instead of a rap from the Law for a False Complaint or Allegation for Us Women it can lead to sometime extremely gruesome in terms of revenge by the oppressed person because of carnal instincts of revenge since he has been punished unjustly.

    History and Statistics never Lie, We Women should understand clearly that Anti Men and Extremely Biased Laws against Men would only serve to increase Violence against Us Women Exponentially.

    No one is insulated from Unfair and Extremly Biased Laws. Time will Even out Opression. Soon in the Clock of time our Loved Sons, Fathers, Brothers, Close Friends would fall Victims to these Extremly Biased Laws who are one of the Important Pillars of the Society. Destroying this Important Pillar is equal to Destruction of the Fabric of Society.

    We Women understand in Clear Terms that Reduction of Crime in Society in General and Violence against Women is ONLY POSSIBLE when there are Gender Neutral Laws and its Effective Implementation.

  2. Katju type persons thinks that, 90% Indians are fool. He passed an order to add 302IPC with every 304-B case, so that court can pass death sentence to Husband family, And seeking pardon to terrorist like crime.
    I demand such persons should be sent to jail immediately.

    • Katju clearly comes in that 90% list. Coming to bollywood I too like watching movies but Bollywood ( I would like to call it Indian film industry ) does not play fair. Considering false dowry laws are made they will make films on dahej but not on false complaints. They will make films like Dulha bikta hai. Why cant they make a film called Dulhan jhoota ilzaam lagati hai. They will make Luv ka the end showing some females trapping a womanizer but they don’ t have the guts to make Luvina ka the end showing some determined men teaching a false accusing woman a lesson
      ( a woman who has a habit of luring innocent men in marriage and trapping them then using IPC 498A dowry law to victimize the family )

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