Men’s Rights Groups’ View on Newly proposed Rape Law: Importance of Gender Neutrality

The Rape laws are already misused and a lot of innocent young men have suffered due to false allegations by unscrupulous women. Misuse of draconian laws takes away people’s faith from Judiciary, courts, law enforcement system and finally democracy itself.

The famous false rape cases include ones against film director Madhur Bhandarkar, Deputy Speaker of Rajya Sabha P.J.Kurien and Rahul Gandhi. The other famous case is that of a false rape case filed by an American woman on 6 innocent young students of TISS (Tata Institute of Social Sciences), Pune. They were aged between 19 and 22. They spent 18 months in prison and then they were found to be innocent by the magistrate court and also the High Court.

We are also seeing a trend wherein media reports suggest that the Government has bowed down to pressure from women organizations. Who are these organizations? What credibility they carry? We, the people of India, have not elected these women organizations and will not allow hijack of the law making process by these organizations with vested anti-male interests. It does not look in good taste when the Government appears to be bowing down before a few women filled with hatred for men.

We have neither elected the communist MPs who keep on passing dissent for every issue and hijack the smooth proceedings of parliament. Communist MPs are extremely anti-male in nature and they must not be listened to. Also, laws cannot be drafted in media studios. Media must be issued an advisory on this, so that it does not cross its limits and anti-male forces in the media are disabled.

So, we demand the following in Criminal Law Amendment, 2012 bill:

  1. There must be a Misuse Clause in Sexual Assault Laws, and strict punishment must be given to women and persons who lodge false rape complaints.
  2. The law must punish perpetrators of rape irrespective of their gender (whether the accused are male or female).
  3. The age of consent in statutory rape cases should be lowered to 16 as media, liberals and communists are unleashing a sexual liberation movement in India and they are opposing any abstinence policies from conservatives.
  4. The age of juveniles must not be reduced to 16, however, consent age must be reduced to 16, as a lot of young females in the age range of 16-18 engage in sexual encounters with boys or men and then the male is accused of rape due to faulty definition of rape.
  5. Under no circumstance should instances of consensual sex be converted to rape and it must be ensured that innocent men are never punished/arrested/prosecuted.
  6. All the innocent people who were jailed in false rape cases must be given compensation of Rs.50 lakhs each by the Government for not doing enough to create mechanisms to prevent these false cases.
  7. A man who refused to marry girlfriend after consensual sex for months, must not be considered as a rapist. Break-up in live-in relationship is not rape. If a man has promised to marry, he has the right and liberty to change his mind and take back his promise at any point of time. This must not convert all the consensual sexual acts before into acts of sexual assault later.

Unless Government takes responsibility to enact laws with proper checks and balances, people will stop trusting courts and judiciary. If the Government fails in its duty, then in future, when innocent men commit suicide after being falsely implicated in serious charges of sexual assault, the blame will squarely lie on the Government and the law makers. Government must create comprehensive framework to stop misuse of gender biased laws.

Please note, according to NCRB, Ministry of Home Affairs, about 3 times more men compared to women die in accidents, murders and suicides in India.

One such example of a man falsely accused asking for justice.

Return my dignity, man absolved of rape asks SC


27 thoughts on “Men’s Rights Groups’ View on Newly proposed Rape Law: Importance of Gender Neutrality

  1. There are Young Boys & Men being Tortured, Humiliated and Degraded by Ultra Feminists in the Name of Feminism Porn as of Now. If you find it difficult to believe, For Proof of Female Sexual Torture of Young Boys & Men and Men in the thousands, Just type the words like “Femdom Ballbusting Young Boys & Men” “Femdom Torture of Young Boys tube” Femdom Castration of Young Boys & Men Tube ” on GOOGLE to find Feminist Sites Degrading,Raping and Torturing Young Boys & Men in the Tens of Thousands.

    I cannot post links of utter Degradation Extreme torture and Absolute Humiliation of Young Boys & Men from 1- 10 yrs upto 80 yr old Men which is so terrible,
    It is known that some of these Young Helpless Boys are kidnapped at a early age by Women Feminists and Vicious Women and are conditioned to bear Terrible Torture and be the Tortured Sexual Slaves of Vicious Women through Adulthood.

    This is so prevalent in India in the name of bonded boy servants & Boy Children at the Mercy of their Tormentors in Homes,Orphanages etc.

    This kind of Exploitation and Sexual Molestation Rape & Torture of Young Boys happens generally where the boy child has no where to complain & are sexually Molested,Raped, Exploited & Tortured by Vicious Women.

    This also happens in India rampantly in Kindergartens where Young Boys as old as 1-10 years are sexually exploited, Molested, tortured on their private parts & scrotum by the Ayahs, Female Wardens in Hostels and Even sometimes by Mothers in their own homes,

    The most Sad state is that these tortured Boys & Men have no where to go to complain but would have to bear it silently because of the taboo and Shame associated with Boys & Men complaining about sexual exploitation by women in Society.

    Our Indian Laws as of today does not accept complaints of Sexual Assaults by Women on Men, Pretending Exploitation, Molestation and Torture of Young Boys & Men at the hands of women does not happen but when it is rampant in India in every nook and corner of India including the cities and Villages.

    The most appalling and Desperate Situation for Boys & Men is that there is no Law in our Country to curb this extreme Sexual violence by women Feminists and Vicious Women against Young Boys & Men.

    In India Let us stop Legal Sanctioned Mental and Physical Abuse of Men by Women which is apparent in 61000 Plus Married Men committing Suicides, Twice the number of Men are committing suicides than Women as per statistics(and statistics never lie).
    For Every Female Suicide within a Marriage or Otherwise, Men go through harassment of Dowry or Domestic Violence or Abetment as the cause of the Women’s Suicide,
    But no one raises a question when a Man suicides within a marriage but in turn blames him for killing himself demonizing him. The Society and Government Laws show deep sympathy for the wife and their family but Apathy towards the Husband.
    Much of these Suicides by the Husbands happen because of the involuntary pressure of their wife’s & their Families.
    These Women and their Families are not punished for abetting there Husbands Suicides.
    The Wife and her Family who are usually the reason for abetting the suicide not only goes Scot free but walks away with everything the husband owned in terms of Cash, Jewelry and Property.

    This is Extremely Unjust but legally sanctioned by the Law. It has become very Rewarding for the Wife to abet their Husbands suicide especially if they are in an illicit Affair outside Marriage or for Selfish Reasons thanks to the Extremely Biased Laws Against Men in our Country .

    We urge the Government and the Opposition not to succumb to last minute pressure from communists and certain sections of radical women’s organization. The right thing to do now is to keep the draft bill as it is and to retain the laws as “sexual assault law” with Gender Neutral provisions to punish both Men and Women in case of sexual assault by either Gender.

    Let us not pretend that Sexual Assault against Men by Women does not Exist, When it is rampant in the West and in India and increasing by the day.

    Exploitation Degradation of Men is one of the Primary Principles of Ultra Feminism where they consider Men to be Objects to Exploited Physically or Mentally to be the Women’s Slave but with a False Facade of Men being in Control.

    If you are going to be unjust with your interpretation of laws, you will gain temporary victories but loose the war on stopping violence against women because as history has shown when Laws are Highly Biased & Unjust, Through History People have stopped following the Unjust and Highly Biased Laws and taken Justice into their Hands. Let us not let History Repeat. Revenge and Retribution by Men and their Families against False Allegations by Women is on the Rise because of Highly Biased Laws Against Men.

    Crimes Against Women are increasing Exponentially specifically for this Reason.

    Reduction in Violence against women in Society is achieved only when there is an Unbiased focus on reducing Crimes within Society.

    Efficient Gender Neutral Laws and its Effective Implementation are the Only Answer.

  2. Mens right activists must join in unison and start a mass movement to create amidst the general public an awareness about the plight of men and how crooked women are using misusing laws meant to protect woman who are genuinely suffering

  3. Zayada tar ladkiya es new law ka wrong use krenge or abhi b krti hai , aise ladkiyo jo fake case krti hai unko ‘publically hang krna chahiye’ ya fir’ umarkaid’ honi chahiye taki ko b ladki aise himmat na kre.

  4. Anti rape law balance hona chahiye ,
    peecha krna , dekhna , comment krne pr b jail hai, dekhna to natrually process hai jo ki ladko ko attract kr deta hai or eska to ladkiya wrong use krenge or apna gussa nikalne k liye fake case b krenge ,
    mujhe nhi lgta ki ye koi solution hai rape rokne ka tm ek law la rhe ho , baad me fir ladkiyo k liye law lana pdega jb es wrong use hone lgega , indian gov. Pagal hai or jo ladki face complain kre usko to capital punishment , or life time in prison punishment honi chahiye .

  5. Indian men really have to learn a lot from Indian woman. See how much noise they made and how much determination they had in them and got anti rape law in their favor. ( despite the fact that false complaints against men are phenomenal and crimes committed by woman are also quite prevalent ) We still are struggling with one illogical law IPC 498 A dowry law. After the delhi gang rape scores of woman were on the street and how they sized up Sheila diskhit etc. Why cant Indian men do that ? even those who are victims of this law are also cool as cucumber and their families also are pictures of peace and prosperity as if nothing has happened. A person like me who is not a victim yet really feels like begani shaadi meain Abdullah deewana

      • Glad to hear that. Just a word of cautioun. Divorce laws are going to be worse. Very soon a law will be made that wife has right to half of husbands property ( apparently a man is a confirmed ATM card and an eternal bali ka bakra ) If men don’t have right to fleece money from woman woman also should not do so. Divorce is not a crime and husband cant be paying through his nose for it.

  6. Statutory warning. Today is that fateful day where cabinet is pressurising to give divorced woman an equal share in husbands property finance etc. Men dont have any right to take money from woman. They call is dahej. Men can get arrested even if they dont take dowry thanks to IPC 498. Men rights actiivists pull your socks up. Anti rape bill alredy couldnt do much. At least make divorce gender neutral


    • My Sympathies Sachin. Hum Indian men ke rago main khoon nahee thanda ice cream daudta hai
      That’s why handful of Chinese army can come to our border and have a nice campfire picnic.
      During the delhi gang rape men were also joining the morcha for woman. These jokers would have done a better job of sizing up Renuka Chaudhry for IPC 498A and other gender biased laws. They don’t realize ke jo doosro ke saath hua hai voh inke saath bhi ho sakta hai. In a film Jaani dushman vinod mehra says a classic dialogue tumhare ghar mein aag lage to aag doosre ke ghar main aag lage to tamasha. We Indian men are like that. We think some one else can be victim not us. Its time we wake up to reality.

  8. i was at my shop at delhi on 30-3-2013,some attachd photographs of cctv recording of my shops.
    a lady who lives far approx 80km from here in BULANDSHAR,lodged false rape complaint against me,that i enterd her house on 30-3-2013 at noon 1pm and raped her.
    i have cctv recording of all day which itself proveing that i was at my shop but no 1 listening me.i not know how to face this false rape allegation.
    can you please help me in this false rape allegation

  9. My mind is a little confused over here. Why woman oppose gender neutral laws.

    Video footage has been that men too can be victim of domestic violence. Unless you are a woman who wants to beat up your children and husband black and blue why should you object that domestic violence act is gender neutral.
    IPC 498A dowry law. False complaints against men should be punished. Unless you are an unethical woman who wants to snare innocent men why should you object

    Acid attack gender neutral : Unless you are a woman who wants to throw acid on some ones face why should you object that an acid throwing criminal of a woman is cooling her heels in jail.
    Divorce law. Are you a gold digger ?
    Woman of noble quality should respect gender equality

  10. Nice blog! We need to make awareness among young boys. Many ppl dnt know bout mens movement. It will b very helpful fr mens movement to add youngsters.

  11. Respected Sir Here is some info from rediff
    “ Additional Sessions Judge Yogesh Khanna, who convicted 31-year-old Hari Mohan Sharma for ravishing his live-in partner, a LL.B student, has fixed the case on December 13 for pronouncement of sentence which may extend to life imprisonment.Concept of live-in relationship does not mean merely residing together, rather, it means to live in a commitment or in a relation of being together in future.”In our society, when a woman enters into this kind of relationship, she has in her mind, only a marriage in future. However, when such relationship ends abruptly, it means a lot to the woman,” the court said, adding the girl was forced to abort their foetus. Sharma, a resident of Uttar Pradesh, was arrested and later faced the trial in the case lodged by his partner in which she alleged he has raped her several times between December, 2010 and January, 2011 on the pretext of marrying her. The police said the girl had lodged a complaint in August, 2011 when she became pregnant and Sharma had refused to marry her, saying his parents are against their affair. Sharma had denied the rape allegation against him during the trial and said he has been falsely implicated.
    However, the court rejected Sharma’s plea noting that “the intention of the accused, right from the beginning, was never honest and he kept on promising her that he would marry her”.
    The court said the accused very well knew that his father would be against the love marriage and would not pay his fee but even then he continued “misusing” the girl till she became pregnant.

    The court further noted that the accused “is an adult male who had chosen to have sexual relation with the victim girl ( as if the girl was threatened by a gun to have affair )
    and thereafter making a lame excuse that his father would not pay the fee(s) if he would marry her is nothing but was an attempt to wriggle himself out of such relationship”.

    “Thus, the kind of consent obtained by the accused cannot be said to be free consent because the prosecutrix was under a misconception of fact that the accused intends to marry her, therefore, she had submitted to sexual intercourse with him,” the judge said, citing the Supreme Court’s recent judgment that “it is a settled law that submission of a woman cannot be treated as her consent”.
    Respected sir this is injustice. Rape is a forced sexual intercourse. If she willingly had sexual intercourse how can it be Rape. The judge is making it sound as if she is puppet or a robot. Don’t woman indulge in affairs and refuse to marry later or marry somewhere else. Why aren’t such woman punished.

    • Defination of Rape oxford dictionary forced sexual intercourse.
      Online meanings I found.

      1. The crime of forcing another person to submit to sex acts, especially sexual intercourse.
      2. The act of seizing and carrying off by force; abduction.
      3. Abusive or improper treatment; violation: a rape of justice.
      tr.v. raped, rap•ing, rapes
      1. To force (another person) to submit to sex acts, especially sexual intercourse; commit rape on.
      2. To seize and carry off by force.

      The above definitions do not apply in any way to this case hence its is NOT rape. She was bribed in to having sexual intercourse not forced and the bribe of marriage was not given. This can be fraud NOT rape as the dimwitted judge is claiming. Affairs happen galore among college teens bollywood all of them do not cultivate into marriage. If having affair and not marrying is a crime half of the Indian film industry would have been behind bars

  12. Why we still call this “American women”. Why not name her? If its a false rape case .. why are we still being anonymous. Let her feel the brunt of raising a false case in the first place… can she give back the 18 months of shame these boys went through in their young age.. can she give back the dignity of these boys and their parents and families which lived in shame…

  13. Hi ,

    I am a victim of False Rape Complaint . I was in relationship with a girl for 9 days and seeing her behaviour and attitude ,i decided to breakup with her . I didnot commit marriage as i didnt find her suitable for me and my family.
    Post breakup ,she started threatening me by various means but i didnt respond. Thus ,she used section377 as a weapon to get me back in relationship. She lodged Rape compliant against me that i commited marriage to her.
    Women commision gave me 2 options- Get arrested or marry her .

  14. I have seen both sides of the picture. Abusive woman and woman putting up with injustice. I think Indian woman are quick to salute the Shakti Kapoor and roar like a Singham in front of the sanskaari Alok Naath. My message to Indian woman is okay you cant stand up to the Shakti Kapoor but atleast give the Alok Naath his due respect.,

  15. Stand back t.v. serial adalat t.v. serial cid – ACP Pardyuman and his band of useless clowns. T.V. serial bhanwar showed a woman falsely accusing her husband of domestic violence and caught by the advocate defending the innocent husband. At last a t.v. serial which shows the truth unlike Aamir Khans ardhsatyameve jayate. Lets hope Bhanwar does not become another CID.

  16. Hi friends I hear this dowry law IPC 498A will be amended shortly. I don’t want to celebrate too soon as its yet to be amended and we also have to take care of divorce laws half of husbands property to wife is clear injustice

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