Arrest Nisha Sharma, She Deserves it

Protection of criminal women, merely because they are women is the biggest of injustices that this society heaps on to men. And it seems the Governments and social contractors are just not ready to learn from their mistakes in this area and they continue to protect criminal women even at the cost of justice and society.

One such clear-cut example of such a social tendency is the case of the (in)-famous (sic) Nisha Sharma. Sharma, who shot to fame in 2003 when she called off the wedding on alleged dowry demands by the would be groom’s family, over and above what they had already given to them as per Nisha’s claims, was immediately bestowed with a lots of praises, cheers and national honor and had received thousands of proposals for standing up against dowry.

The Delhi Government also included a chapter on Nisha and BBC covered it.

For around 16 months Nisha was the “Media Darling”. And the media left no stone unturned in tarnishing the accused groom, Munish Dalal’s image to such an extent by repeatedly showing his photograph that he did not get job anywhere for 2 years.

Not only that, the misandrist media spread so much male hatred that innocent men were being jailed left, right and center on mere allegations and complaints without trial or investigation. This also led to a phenomenal rise in false cases of dowry harassment against men and the misuse of dowry laws and it also contributed to the suicides committed by innocent and harassed men. Media is directly responsible for all those suicides.

And then, 9 years later, Nisha’s case was proven false by court and it came out very clearly that Nisha Sharma had lied. She had blatantly leveled false allegations on Munish and his family ruining their lives just to hide her already married status as her husband Navneet turned up at her wedding to “claim” his wife.

Thus, the media, the Government patronized a liar, ruined an innocent man’s life and also spread poison on the society assuming that “women never lie”. This is the real face of the sick anti-male mindset of the society

All let off in Nisha Sharma’s case

And then there was a tryst with destiny. The Law of Nemesis, which ultimately transpires to the universal theory that “one begets what one deserves”, showcased a wonderful classic demo when Nisha Sharma was trapped in a dowry case (as an accused and a tormentor) by her own brother’s wife.

Dowry Queen Nisha in dowry soup

This is a warning to all feminists and male haters. The more you vouch for unconstitutional pro-female and anti-male laws with draconian measures, the more you will face trouble when your own brothers and sons are trapped in the same. And the very male hatred that you spread in the society against other men devours your brothers and sons.

Today, you are demanding stricter punishment for rape accused including barbaric punishment like “Chemical Castration”, remember, tomorrow, your own fathers, brothers and uncles would be lying impotent, castrated and there would be none to carry your own generations further.

Nisha Sharma’s case is a warning, use it as a lesson.

As far as Nisha Sharma’s case is concerned, she must be arrested and she deserves this punishment for being anti-male and for being instrumental in spreading lies and creating anti-male atmosphere in the society. The very atmosphere ruined her brother today.

Today, it is Nisha’s brother, tomorrow it will be the brothers and sons of other male haters. Choice is theirs.

And the message to the society and Government is: Stop Protecting Criminal Women.

And the final message to media is: Stop Media Conviction of Innocent Men.


27 thoughts on “Arrest Nisha Sharma, She Deserves it

    • @ Dolan Chatterjee , You are very much right “LIFE BEING A FULL CIRCLE” and Will take FULL CIRCLE AGAIN n AGAIN !!

  1. Media is known as one of the pillars of democracy.
    But Indian media is unbelievably corrupt and so lame that we can’t call it a “pillar” at all. Media has no guts to speak truth. Instead, all it can do is misguide, mislead and fool our society. People are also FOOLS to believe all that is shown by the media!

    We all must learn to think beyond what is shown to us on TV and news papers, if we want to know the real picture of an issue because media has lost its credibility.

  2. Nisha sharma to be punished for spoiling grooms and his family members lives. The punishment should be in a such a way no women should dare to make such false cases and ruin the life of men. Media also to be fined for taking up such false issues.

  3. miss 498a Nisha Sharma should be jailed. These kind of women’s are spoiling our nation. Supreme court rightly said Legal terrorism to 498a. These 498A women are the terrorist who is playing with the system and taking wrong advantage of prevailing laws. This 498a is the real curse on man, Arrest Nisha Sharma and all such women where court finds 498a cases are irrelevant of false. These women really deserves jail.

    • it is not only Nisha Sharma, but almost every Indian woman is mad after getting dowry from her parents and taking dowry from prospective daughter in law and sister in law, they consider it as their birthright but still they speak all about domestic violence and government creates laws in their favor which they successfully use against helpless men

  4. Nisha Sharma was a blemish on woman kind. She was a story 10 years back. See today’s Nisha Sharma in this video. This woman has already done 498A on her husband. Instead of leaving home she stays in husband’s home. She has trained the daughters to make use of women friendly laws. When the daughters would marry they would do the same things to their husbands. God only can save men from these type of women in India

  5. Write anything our society and judiciary won’t take any action against this woman, they are biased in favor of woman

  6. hey, in my opinion the big problem in our socienty is not a growing number of mal haters, but the NOT diminishing female hating tendencies and absent respect for female. gender equality still has a long way to go, but Nisha Sharma is one of the first wake up calls. yes, we need less male and more woman unless both are equal… mens will get used to it. to arrest nisha sharma would be completly out of proportion. if she told the truth in this specific case or not.. india has a dowry problem, which hurts many more women than men. this problem is statistically proofen and can’t be discussed away, whatever really happened in this case.. the whole discussion helps to put in focus the real problem.
    and a strikter punishment for rape must not be castration, but that it is very necessary, should be obvious to everyone…

    • Your opinion does not matter when you support a liar like Nisha Sharma, it clearly shows your intention. You are just another male hater who supports anti-male laws and reeks of male hatred to the core. I would like to see your brother get castrated in a false rape case.

    • Rag I dont know whether u r man or woman, but looks like there is no matter of considering u as man or woman. If u r woman I wish your bro, dad or son should face the legal terrorism to make u understand whats the pain. Under the name of Women rights Daughter in law or any married lady is considered as woman but same husbands mother or sister is not covered any act to consider & save them as woman…
      Shame on people like you, who shouldnt be considered as human being… Under the name of feminism having draconian laws & harassing husband & his family only species like u can think of it…
      I think not only Nisha Sharma the queen of 498a law misuse even people like u also should get arrested who support feminism or talibanism without knowing the situation….

    • Why a girl marry in a family where gifts are taken and given ? Remember dowry is actually gift till there is dispute between husband and wife . Why a girl doesn’t marry in a simple way ? Why a girl wants a millionaire husband always ? Above all why hell they offer gifts (so called dowry) to groom’s family ? Why no dowry(?) givers are arrested ? I hope you have a brother or a father at least , I hope they get a dose of false dowry , rape , sexual harassment case soon and I sincerely wish that castration should be applied on them . Nisha Sharma should be hanged publicly so that women like you should get a lesson . You are male hater lesbian that is proved here .

    • You are supporting a liar and still trying to justify funny. Her case is proved mala-fide in court of law..still you are supporting her..and yes, the latest news, her brother’s wife now filed dowry case against her. Her true face is now out. Yes, she was a whistle blower – but for the soceity to show how crooked a woman can are just reinforcing her point.

      On Rape – if rape punishment is increased, then punishment for false rape complaints should also be made stricter..don’t you think so?

    • Just a thought……… If punishment for rape should be chemical castration……..shouldn’t the punishment for proven false case of rape accusation be some similar degree of genital mutilation for the accusing female as well

  7. Rag is just one of those candlewala’s who need something to spend their weekend. Who gave u rights to deliver judgements ?for heaven’s sake grow up and understand the legal process

  8. she should be beaten by CHAPPALS in public till she dies………………so people can take lesson from her.

    a real whore …………….you nisha sharma

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