Difficult Questions for the Indian media

Difficult Questions for the Indian media
1. Nobody seems to be concerned about the girl’s boyfriend who was badly beaten with the girl in Delhi . Everyone is harping on the the Rape incident even when the medical report is out . Beating a girl with an iron rod is a undoubtedly heinous crime ..but is it rape ? Does this man the boy who was also beaten with the sane road raped ?

2. In the Ruchika Gihrotra case(2008) her brother was brutally tortured for weeks by the Haryana Police , but the focus was always on Ruchika’s suicide and neither the media or the government no-one bothered to check how much this young man suffered.

3. A couple weeks ago a girl in Bangalore who was driving recklessly was pulled over by police and claimed molestation by the police !! Once the real story came out the , the media hyperbole subsided however no apology was issued to the policeman who was maligned for doing his duty.

Every 9 minutes a married man commits suicide, 3 times more men die in road accidents, 92% crimes happen against men and yet men are left unprotected!

Why is violence against men completely ignored in India and why is all violence against women converted to rape / molestation incidents ? Is this done to unnecessary get gender leverage and media sensationalism ?


3 thoughts on “Difficult Questions for the Indian media

  1. These questions are really difficult for the Indian media to answer! But is there any point of asking such questions to them while we know very well that the media has no guts to answer them.

    The media only knows how to make money by filling up pages in their news paper and filling the time slots on their news channel with anything that comes in their mind; no matter whether what they are showing is true or not. But its fine, because those who can face truth are brave and media is not brave enough to face the truth so let them play in the shades of lies.

    Can we even expect anything better from the Indian media? Does Indian media even deserve our attention at all? All they can do is favor women and blame men for just every single thing we can think of.

    Currently Indian women are enjoying favors of media but soon they will realize that media never favored women, they just favored money and lie! They just use women to generate profit for themselves, they have nothing to do with welfare of women or men or society!

  2. In India nobody likes to highlight any other pain but the cause of young women, My whole hearted sympathies are for the rape victim but will the media ever throw light on the victims of false cases of 498A, DV Act, CrPC 125Rape and molestion.

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