Clarion call to demand No Arrests of Husbands and No Maintenance on Husbands

As a man,

  1.     Do you feel unsafe in the marriage?
  2.     Do you feel frustrated, harassed and emotionally drained?
  3.     Do you feel vulnerable and fidgety about the newly purchased apartment?
  4.     Do you feel scared that your wife will get you arrested in a false dowry case?
  5.     Do you feel ashamed to talk to your colleagues about harassment from your wife/in-laws?
  6.     Do you feel like committing suicide as you are not finding a single male friendly avenue that can understand your marital problem?
  7.     Do you feel discriminated by the judge in the false case that your wife has filed against you?
  8.     Do you feel being treated unfair by the police, when merely on single unverified complaint of your wife; you were picked up on a Friday evening and released on a Monday morning only after you acceded to her demands?
  9.     Do you feel being humiliated by that mediator of the mediation center who covertly asked you to pay Rs. 50 Lakhs to your wife to avoid prolonged marital litigation?
  10. Do you feel that all laws must be gender neutral?

If you are having any of the above feelings or you have come across some man who shared some of the above feelings, here’s a hope of respite for you.

Save Indian Family Foundation, a men’s rights organization is conducting a peaceful protest march in Bangalore on the 19th Jan 2013 from 9:30 AM to 2 PM.

The March will ensue at 9:30 AM from Town Hall, Bangalore and will conclude at Mysore Circle, Bangalore. Members will be distributing pamphlets about abuse of men and demands to the Govt. of India which include:

  1. Stop arresting husband and his family in matrimonial disputes.
  2. Stop pressurizing husband with maintenance orders in troubled marriages.
  3. Institute National Commission for Men.
  4. Institute Men Welfare Ministry.
  5. Allocate budget to conduct studies and surveys focusing on male-centric issues.
  6. Sensitize police and judiciary about men’s problems.
  7. Provide protection to men in the form male-friendly laws.
  8. Abolish anti-male laws.
  9. Regularize and censor anti-male content in the media.
  10. Treat all men with dignity.

Date: 19th Jan 2013. Place: Town Hall, Bangalore. Time: 9:30 AM. Contacts: Rukma Chary – 95351 09509 (English/Hindi/Telugu), Prakhyat – 96328 12802 (English/Hindi), Shivakumar – 98452 12763 (Kannada/English), Kishore – 99455 51204 (Kannada/English)

Clarion call to demand No Arrests of Husbands and No Maintenance on Husbands

Join the event, pledge your support


17 thoughts on “Clarion call to demand No Arrests of Husbands and No Maintenance on Husbands

  1. Dear Friends,

    I am supporting this anti feminism moment by my heart, and I can do anything for the future of my life.

    Why Government is not taking any step into making laws for mens too.

    Thier negligence and neglecting behaviour towards Mens in th society is creating circumstances of Death of Men and their family members need, life, future, money and valuable time…

    Its time to pick firearms to protest against those criminal Mahila Ayogs womens who are not giving us our own rights to live better life…

  2. According to the NCW or other womens organizations, only young married females are considered as a women.
    @MIL – You are absolutely right that for Womens welfare gangs (Family destructors) only daughter-in-laws and wifes are termed as women.
    These anti male laws are continuing on rise to which some of Indian Males also do support. (ex. AK on Jhootmeva Jayate). Also our Law minister – Is he blind?. For a country like india to have a peacful society, these ant-male laws should be abolished and gender neutral laws should be introduced. Punishment should be equal to all criminals may it be male or female. Ever since these laws in the name of protection of women have come into existense, divorce rate and suicide rate of married men and relatives has increased and is continuing coz. the law makers believe themselved to be deaf & blind. I wish, I could attend this but as I am working out of India, it does not permit me to do so. I wish the very best with all my moral support.

  3. An Absolute great step, but I doubt how many (men) would come forward in public. It is a humiliation, torture and mental rape of a man going through 498A. If and only if laws in our country are revised, divorce rates would automatically come down. If harsh punishments are given to women for registering false 498A cases, a lot of divorce won’t happen at all. Mediators do nothing, they only try to make money for themselves.

    • You are absolutely correct, many males are still thinking that they must silently suffer because that happens to be the hallmark of manhood. Still this type of rotten ideas are dominating the minds of males especially the Indian male

  4. Men are mentally raped in 498A. This needs to be stopped; our society needs civilised and cultured girls / women, who are vanishing with time.

  5. All men rights activists are dealing only with anti dowry law and now they will concentrate on anti rape law also. But there are man other cruelties meted out to men by their sisters and other family members, but mens rights associations are not bothered about those cruelties by family members and members of family in law. For woman at least there i s a law banning forced marriage, but in the case of men no such law exists.

  6. Just a small argument at home, women went police station filed a case of 498a and a civilized well cultured, honorable person are inside bar. May be for terrorist police will not be this much active but for 498a innocent husband and his family, they will go to husband house and arrest even at night. Women are playing with this law like anything. A good person just because of small quarrel become accused of 498a, If he has brother he will charged as rapist of her bhabhi(498a women), If he has sister she will also go to jail. When our government will wake up, When actions will be taken for such abused miss 498a women. All this is for money by women. Maintenance and arrest in 498a cases should not be there, A false 498a case against husband should entitle women for punishment, automatically condition of Indian marriages will improve and divorce rates will be minimum. This 498a law really requires amendments.

    • Also misuse of Domestic violence act leds for HMP case, so, amendments is that, 498 A or DV case is use against men, is for settle a case of HMP,=woman put case against man DV / 498A is given divorse, misuse will be stop , unless more misuse taken place.

  7. Guys pls come together for the sake of ur brothers and fathers. this misandry has to stop. Do something which is very radical so as to stop abuse of men altogether. How in the hell is marital rape acceptable??? how can a husband rape his own wife??? If a man has to force himself on his wife then isnt something wrong? Isnt it the duty of spouses to satisfy each other?? Why are men supporting this crap?? Laws have to be gender neutral but there are many women organisations which create a lot of hype, also media supports them blindly. We require a national commission of men badly. Do marches, have media support but get the male abuse in limelight. it is high time now.

  8. Yes I agree with you but hum kuch kar bhi to nahi sakte hai. Aaj India me sabse jyada miss use agar kisi act ka ho raha h to WO 489 a hai. Ye dard to wahi samajh sakta hai jisne ye 498 a ka dard sahan kiya h. Hamara pariwar to is dard ko kabhi bhi nahi bhool sakta h.

  9. we the people lives inthis country india since indipendanace who gavethis,i.e mahatma gandhi.who is the head of thefamily.ffather.butno value,no fundamental rlghts before law it is encounter greater than etc

  10. We demanded law guided protection for female gender as a whole and this is what Govt. gave us in Return
    “Women empowerment” – She was the home maker but now she is the home breaker
    1. Mother-in-laws will be punished if dauther-in-law complains (Both women in this case)
    2. Husband will be punished if wife complains.
    3. Any women can put a man behind bars with false allegations.(even husband in this case)
    4. Rise in misuse of “absolute women power”
    5. Falling traditional values.
    6. Ignoring and abusing old people.
    7. Disrespecting old people and their experience of leading a happy married life.
    8. Increasing alcoholism and smoking amongst women.
    9. Increased pre-marital sex.
    10. Increased obscenity and boldness in expressions.

    This is the result of our demand for “protection of women rights”
    IS ANYONE LISTENING? I am sure no one is and no one will until we people join again for corrections in the law. Lets do it ASAP if you all want to save your parents and the upcoming generations from a aimless future packed with obscenity, vulgarism, disrespect and money-mindedness.

    By the way what we criticized and changed was an era with majority couples living happily with respect love and care for all, even when they had nothing. I personally HATE SUCH PEOPLE WHO SUPPORT THE CURRENT LAW BLINDLY AND CHALLENGE ANY BLOODY PERSON FOR AN OPEN DEBATE WITH SUFFERING PARENTS AND SONS SITTING IN AN OPEN FORUM.

  11. Supporting you because now myself and my family is going under in this kind of problem. All are ready to hear only the womens part.

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