Aamir takes a potential dent of 100 million for being anti-male

In what could have been a legacy of hit movies after 3 Idiots, turned out to be a very mediocre affair for Bollywood actor Aamir Khan.

He was the star of millions but now he is hated alike. Aamir is known to be a perfectionist who does one movie at a time and delivers a hit. Producers bee line after him to get his dates. However, his latest movie “Talaash”, that released last Friday 30th November, turned out to be damp squib for him.

And the reason for this wasn’t the case that it was a badly made movie. It was actually a movie of the genre of Aamir. However, activists fighting for men’s rights, promoting the concept of male welfare and creating platforms and infrastructure to support, guide and coach distressed and victimized men, proved to be an unanticipated dent for him.

Aamir had reportedly pushed off the shooting of Talaash movie in order to do a television series “Satyamev Jayate” which promoted rampant misandry (social hatred against men), vilified men, denigrated their rights and justified abuse of men by women. The show went on to show scripted cases and fudged statistics in order to gain TRPs and sound “politically correct”.

Men’s Rights Organizations all over India were peeved by this and hence they not only decided to give Aamir’s latest flick “Talaash” a miss, but also publicly announced their plans to boycott his movie Talaash. The demand for boycott was met with huge response and the campaign was a success as we can see it here

Men’s Rights Activists Boycott Aamir’s films till he apologises for Satyameva Jayate

Men’s rights activists to boycott Talaash – Video | Zoomtv.in

Men’s rights activists boycott Aamir Khan’s movie Talaash – Topix

Men’s right activists boycott Aamir Khan’s movie ‘Talaash‘ – Video 

15,000 men to boycott all Aamir’s films until he apologises!–TOI | NG

Men`s rights activists will boycott all Aamir Khan`s films until he 

Men’s Rights Activists Boycott Aamir’s films till he apologises for – IM

Aamir Khan’s films to be boycotted by 15000 families?

15,000 families boycott Talaash because of Aamir | Bollywood3

Zoom Tv, The Bollywood Channel, covered the news of boycott and also reported that Aamir must not ignore the boycott and the demand.

Meanwhile internal sources have told us that had it not been for the boycott, the movie would have been a huge success and it was a well-made movie. But as the wave of boycott caught up, and people started supporting the demand made by men’s rights activists that finally it hit where it hurts most – revenues.

Reportedly, Aamir’s weekend collections are 435 million INR whereas the cost of the movie is 400 million INR. Projected expectations for the movie from the weekend collections were 550 – 600 million INR. However, owing to unanticipated success of the call for boycott from around 15000 families, the movie was hit badly, as reportedly a huge chunk of the society, already miffed with Aamir for his show Satyamev Jayate and its partisan standards decided to join the boycott and give his movie a miss.

Rough calculations show that Aamir took a potential opportunity loss of close to 100 million INR or more because he angered the men of India by not only stereotyping them, but also promoting the concepts of wife slapping husband and usurping husband’s hard earned property, on national television.

Interestingly, when the TOI carried this story, Aamir’s supporters commented that they will make sure that Aamir gets his money as they will be watching the movie twice. This attitude itself shows that die-hard Aamir fans were wary of the protest, the boycott and wanted to undo it by over-watching the movie. This tension in Aamir’s fans was a success parameter for the boycott.

The boycott and its result of denting Aamir with an opportunity loss of more than 100 million is a warning to the society. If this society does not mend its ways and does not stop its vilification of men, such losses will continue. Choice is with the society.


5 thoughts on “Aamir takes a potential dent of 100 million for being anti-male

  1. This was bound to happen…this movie can make money let his fans watch it thousand times but the fact remains he lost out. His fans are ignorant may god save them against false cases from their wives. One must be just but Satya mev Jayate was not it was biased and dats the fact.

  2. I am glad it happened. Aamir deserves this for his discrimination. I saw it on Zoom and was moved to know that MRA had approached him to be featured on the show. I hate him for turning them down. I think he should apologize. Sad that men doesn’t wake up to fight until it happens with them or their own families.

  3. Great news!

    I used to be such a huge fan of Amir Khan. But when I saw the the first episode of Satyamev Jayate (only for about 15 minutes or so), I became a huge hater of the same person. The first episode of SMJ was extremely ridiculous and what Amir said was really disgusting!

    Right on that day I decided not to watch any of his movies. I’m happy to see his movie failing like this for being a male-hater! He deserves this.

    I appreciate the act of boycott and I thank all those who supported it.

  4. I am extremely glad and matter of fact is that after seeing the real face of aamir I have decided to boycott all his future movie releases also unless he correct himself which I doubt will happen.

  5. I am very pleased at this turn of loss for Mr. Amir Khan. What people fail to realize is – movie actors are normal people. An excellent synopsys of this popular illusion is explained by Hrishikesh Mukherjee in the ’69 Hindi movie ‘Guddi’. _Most_ celebrities they are unidimensional & excel at one thing. Their personal lives, their values and their integrity will have nothing to do with the roles they play in movies. It was said that Amir made a significant fortune in his SMJ franchise for airing and articulating pseudo-secular and anti-male sentiments. I have vowed to not to watch Amir’s movies since then. It is foolish to think that a topic as fundamental to the social fabric as family relationships can be shoddily researched for a 1-hour airshow in a matter of few weeks with due diligence. Any sane person would know it takes years to resolve every case of domestic/family dispute by appointed qualified judges. This is what one can hope from a ‘trial by media’ that pimps for controversies, pits one section of the society against another and sells salacious stories thereby.

    Congratulate the activists for their success through peaceful means. There is an old saying – “follow the money”. Very soon Mr. Amir Khan will realize that his money has to be in correlation with his mouth.

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