Press Release: Confidare announces celebrations for International Men’s Day


Sub: Confidare India Men’s Rights Community Center announces celebrations for International Men’s Day

International Men’s Day (IMD):

International Men’s Day is celebrated in over 60 countries including Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Australia, India, China, United States, Romania, Singapore, Malta, United Kingdom, South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Hungary, Ireland, Ghana, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Italy, Pakistan, Antigua and Barbuda, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, Grenada and Cayman Islands, on 19 November, and global support for the celebration is broad.

The main objective of celebrating International Men’s Day is to celebrate being a man, to recognize the contributions that men make towards the progress of the society, to salute the sacrifices they make for their near and dear ones, and to highlight the problems faced by them which may be addressed or unaddressed.

International Men’s Day began to be celebrated since 1999 after it was started in Trinidad and Tobago by Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh for whom his father was his role model.

Theme of International Men’s Day:

The theme of this year’s International Men’s Day is “Saving Men from Manhood”. Years of expectation of chivalry and risk-taking by men has turned manhood into a necessary evil for men.

  1. Being a man has almost become synonymous with the man putting up with a lot of abuse silently as he is constantly bombarded with phrases like “Be a man”, “Take it like a man”.
  2. More often than not men are disarmed before this language as the society has ascribed the role of a Protector – an unpaid bodyguard to the male and that role has no scope for vulnerability or weakness of any kind.
  3. Realizing this, Confidare came up with the idea to sensitize the society about manhood and to educate the men about their rights. It was felt that International Men’s Day is the apt time to launch the social meme of “Saving Men from Manhood”.
  4. With this theme, Confidare believes the abuse of men by society can be brought down to a great extent as it will help men open up their problems without the fear of being judged. A distressed man finds it extremely difficult to express his emotions, fears, and vulnerabilities when he is judged and is expected to “be a man” or “take it like a man”.
  5. At the same time contributions and sacrifices that men make for their family and the society at large are generally taken for granted because it is expected that it is the duty of a man to give up his life for family and society. Such a social mindset belittles men’s contributions and sacrifices for the sake of the family and the society.

Confidare Community Center conducted a survey amongst urban men in four cities of Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, and Delhi. About 2000 men were interviewed across these cities. Collating the findings, several interesting trends have come out regarding men such as

  1. 1.    Most men find videos of wife beating husband as funny. 84% men say domestic violence against men is funny.
  2. 2.    85% urban men are not aware of laws related to marriage like Hindu Marriage Act and other laws.
  3. 3.    One in 12 married men between ages 25 to 40 is separated or is facing divorce.
  4. 87% men are more worried about safety of their parents than themselves, when their marital problems escalate. They hate to imagine, their parents going to courts.

Above figures are merely indicative and not exhaustive of the mental condition of men and also an indicator of the levels of awareness amongst men regarding their rights. Realizing that there is a huge awareness gap amongst men regarding their rights, Confidare felt it was the need of the hour to conduct such a survey and make it available to the society at large and what opportune an occasion it could have been other than the International Men’s Day.

Along with releasing the survey results, Confidare Men’s Rights Community Center has also organized a small fun event at Forum Value Mall at Whitefield in Bangalore on the eve of International Men’s Day i.e. 18th of November from 4 PM onwards.

There will be some fun games to participate in, win some cool prizes. The event is also aimed at creating awareness amongst people regarding International Men’s Day.

Why is it important to celebrate International Men’s Day?

  1. International Men’s Day is celebrated to celebrate being a man. Today, there is a lot of social discourse going on about “being a man” and most of these discourses belittle and ridicule the vulnerable man.
  2. As a result, most men live their lives under emotional suppression and are also mostly unaware of their rights.
  3. International Men’s Day is celebrated to create a social atmosphere that embraces every man including his vulnerabilities and also to generate a sense of awareness amongst them pertaining to their rights.
  4. It is celebrated to recognize and honor the contributions and sacrifices that a man makes for the society, family and his near and dear ones.
  5. It is celebrated to create a platform for men to come up and share their problems, rather than worrying to protect their manhood.

As a result, Confidare felt it was a good occasion to celebrate International Men’s Day in Bangalore at the Forum Value Mall. We extend a cordial invite to our media friends and society alike in joining us and making the event a success.


One thought on “Press Release: Confidare announces celebrations for International Men’s Day

  1. This is great that Confidare observed International Men’s Day. I am from Brazil and will try to organize an event in November. I’ve already told some friends and they are excited about the concept. We need more positive role models in our world !!

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