International Men’s Day Pamphlets

Did You Know?

  • Ø Men have made some of the most wonderful inventions/discoveries which have made life easy today, like:
    • The internet – backbone of the technological progress of the 21st century.
    • Medicines that made baby-delivery easy for women – one of the most progressive inventions of the 20th century.
    • Ø Men have been laying down their lives, in majority, since ages in order to protect their people and country-land from external attacks, environmental dangers, et al.
    • Ø Men have continuously sacrificed their likes and interests just for taking on the role of a bread-winner to not only support their families, but also to bring about economic progress that resulted in reducing latencies and made life easier for one and all.
    • Men pay more taxes at the same salary level compared to women; and contribute to 82% of total taxes paid.

Did You Also Know?

  • Ø No studies have been conducted to know about the problems being faced by men in Indian society; and denied any relief to men citing lack of any such research results.
  • Ø In the last 63 years of Indian Independence not a single rupee from the Union Budget has been allocated for men’s welfare.
  • Ø Men undertake the most risky, dangerous and menial jobs like that of fireman, soldier, rail men, miners, laborers, etc. on a majority working in unsafe and hazardous environments.
  • Ø By the impact of your statement, “Do not cry like a girl” to your 4 year old son; he learns not to share his problems for the rest of his life.
  • Ø Men are treated as ECONOMIC SLAVES when a relationship breakdown happens.
  • Ø Men die in road accidents 3 times more than women.[1]
  • Ø Every nine minutes a married man commits suicide in India.[2] Every year more than 58000 married men commit suicide in India[3], that’s twice the number of married women.
  • Ø Every year more than 1 lakh men are arrested in false dowry cases merely on a complaint from their wives without any trial or investigation.[3]
  • Ø Men do not enjoy the luxury of reserved coaches and reserved seats in public transports.
  • Ø Men lose 20 million years of life in 5 urban cities in a decade.[4]
  • Ø Women outlived men by 1 year in the 1920’s, but in today’s stressful times, women outlive men by no less than FIVE years.
  • Ø More Men die due to prostate cancer than women due to breast cancer.
  • Ø More men succumb to heart diseases which has a direct link to stress in life.
  • Ø Society is averse to the concept of men’s rights and male welfare. [5]
  • Ø Men have only RESPONSIBILITIES without RIGHTS and a life of COMPETITION by IMPULSION.
  • Men live under and face the wrath of 15 anti-male and unconstitutional laws in India.[6]

Celebrate International Men’s Day on the 19th of November to recognize men’s

Right to Peaceful Existence



[1]:  The Lancet, Volume 374, Issue 9693, Pages 881 – 892, 12 September 2009






Click here to download the pamphlet


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