Men of India demand SMITA

AS PER Hindu mythology, the festival of Dusshehra marks the triumph of good over evil. However, over the years, the significance of the festival had become merely perfunctory in essence losing its true value. However, the year 2012 was different as it marked the beginning of the end of one of the most disastrous and hazardous social evil called misandry. Misandry is referred to as social hatred against men which is visible in many forms such as, 1.    Presence of anti-male gender biased laws in India.

 2.    Little awareness of men’s issues.

3.    Trivialization of men’s problems.

4.    Male disposability.

5.    Systematic gender-based discrimination against men across policies – either public or private.

6.    No special protection accorded to men from serious issues like incidences of terror from intimate partners, immediate family and extended family.

7.    Gender based discrimination against fathers.

8.    Gender based discrimination against boys in education schemes.

9.    Irrational distribution of responsibilities across the two genders.

10.  No allocation of budget by Government towards male friendly causes and objectives.


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