SMITA will provide protection for Men

Oct 14,2012
Indian men do not have any right to voice their concern regarding violenece done by his wife, girl-friend including family. A simple complaint by woman can lodge him in jail. Everyone would side by the woman in such case and man is considered guilty. Taking into consideration this shortfall in Indian Penal code of basic human right of men and protection a new law named ‘Saving Men from Intimate Terror Act’ SMITA is on the anvil. Information is being sought on What all provisions should be included in such a law throughout the country. This bill is supposed to be tabled in the Parliament this winter session and debate would be held in the Rajyasabha as given to understand from the Standing Committee of the Parliament.
To prepare a draft bill, assistance of two NGO’s working on international level in the fields of social, legislative issues, Marriage, civil protection, prevention of violence have been sought. “Indian Social Awareness and Activism Forum” (INSAAF) is an international organisation specializing in breaking silence over key and burning issues and CONFIDARE Research have been entrusted to engage in discussions with experts at national level and present a draft bill. With the lead from Rajesh Vakharia of Nagpur chapter of Save Indian Family Foundation and Atit Rajpara of Men’s Rights Association, Pune, this law will soon be seeing dawn.
If this law is passed, then all the males in this country will get freedom from Domestic Violence and harassment from wives and girlfriends, harassment from parents etc.
There were shocking results from research conducted by INSAAF on the gender-biased laws in favour of women. INSAAF had provided several examples during presentation of the study results last month before the standing Committee. In that lot many of times to teach lesson to the husband and his family they are unnecessary entangled in Dowry Prohibition Act, Domestic Violence act and physical harassment. INSAAF has also shown evidence to the H’ble members of the Parliament that even if the men are innocent, a whole family is destroyed due to false allegations. Hence INSAAF was entrusted to draft the bill. Accordingly INSAAF is taking this key initiative to draft the bill. Rajesh Vakharia of Save Indian Family Foundation said that this bill is likely to be presented before the Standing committee of Rajyasabha prior to the winter session of the parliament.
Helplines for INSAAF= 98909 74788, 98237 88013
Recommendations by INSAAF in the SMITA bill
– Setup of Commission for men at par with women commission
– setup of Men’s welfare ministry
– Legal protection for men
– Same rights and Similar justice in all existing laws during hearing

14 thoughts on “SMITA will provide protection for Men

  1. This is an excellent news and hope this will be applicable soon. Many many thanks to all involved for their hard work and efforts. I wish this could come at least few years earlier which could have saved thousands of men and their families. Misusers of laws should be strictly punished and only then the misuse will stop or reduce.

  2. Who is going to create and handle the commission for men? If it is the government, I don’t think it is going to help greatly!

    Government itself is totally feminist and misandrist, how is it going to help men in the same way they do to women? I think, if we need justice and we want to fight inequality against men, we have to fight from outside and not from inside the government; because there is no leader or political party that can effectively represent the voice of men and boys of India.

    Just look at the number of laws and programs that the government has introduced in favor of women and against men. Can you imagine the same government working in favor of men, with same intensity? Well, I don’t think so. Also, the media, being very misandrist, will keep talking about women’s issues only.

    I am a man and I totally support the men’s right activism. But I just don’t agree that we can expect anything positive from the feminist government and media.

  3. Feminists have worked their way in Indian society like Hamlock, a slow poison. We have to have the anti-venom NOW. I believe SMITA would be in force soon.

    Feminists in India have imported laws from US, I see that SMITA would be our Export and a landmark contribution in MANkind history.


  4. Credit goes to the handful of Men Rights Organisations/s and innumerable victims of the social bias against men. We should have, in the forthcoming International Men’s Day (19th Nov.), a tribute given to those martyrs who fought a lost battle in the hope of changing the system some day (which they have not seen themselves). The new rule will definitely stand guard against extreme domestic violence and social injustice against men. But the violence which is not so extreme, will continue to exist in a much larger number in society and that has to be countered at a social level (in schools, homes, social gatherings, everywhere). It happens on boys at a very regular basis, and we should join hands with the Men’s organisations to raise awareness against social injustice on young male children. Let “Being Human” be a buzzword on 19th of this month. As long as this will be done, the new rule will remain in force to tell the society the consequences of extreme violence against men. Salute to them who took this issue to the Rajya Sabha.

  5. SMITA is idiotic and completely useless.

    How is SMITA going to “protect” men? Is it going to stop the misandry in news-papers, TV and movies? No, no law/commission can be powerful enough to put any control over the media. So, I can’t expect anything from this idiotic commission; because the actual problem is with the media spreading lie, hatred and bad image of men in society; not with anti-male laws at all…!!!

    • The negative portrayal of men in media / newspapers / even textbooks is a serious matter even in the west, and people have started talking about it already. This is a much bigger problem worldwide, and has to be tackled in that level. SMITA may not have that much scope to stop these destructive feelings, but the good part is, since people (including few women) are now aware of it all over the world, it can be expected that this trend will eventually come to a stop. Much earlier the same problem was there with women as well, and it took time and constant effort of the women’s right groups to reverse the role. Same will happen with men as well. The important point till then is, for men to stick together, not to tag along (and perhaps to get the attention of) some other group of women, who are definitely enjoying when men are ridiculed / villainized in the media almost everyday. Let’s have our own identity and opinion when it matters. SMITA is definitely a good start of a long term solution and should be welcomed whole heatedly

  6. Ever step counts in fight against misandry. One can’t wait for that big moment where a decision or a big step will eliminate all the bias and prejudice against men as that moment will never come. The actual change will eventually be brought about by collective efforts howsoever small they may be. So men should stop expecting much very soon but start doing something to help the cause –

  7. Smita i am going through the harassment regarding the 498a case, though i am inosent it is very disturbing for me to face cort, police station , my bother is file the devorce so they do this case, every one even the vakil know the case is fake but we have to gounder trial . Pz help my brother.i am ready to send detelse pz replay. Thanking u

  8. This is really a hope to male community. In India many cases are filed on innocent men. Indian Judiciary is poor, as they say both men and women are equal and both has equal rights, when it comes to matrimonial, even though she is earning, she is paid for nothing by an innocent husband. This issue should be given a full stop. Thanks to SMITA.

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