Article in Sakal: Steps towards formation of Commission for men

Nagpur, Day 7 of October 2012
After raising several important issues throughout the world in respective countries, the organisation  INSAAF (Indian Social Awareness and Activism Forum) has now focussed their attention on the topic of “Misuse of the provisions of laws biased towards women”. INSAAF demands formation of Commission for Men on the same platform as National Commission for women in order to achieve social balance. They have even deposed in front of Rajyasabha Committee. The Committee has given positive response and INSAAF has been requested to provide the guidelines for the same.
In India most of the laws are in favour of women only. Therefore Men and his family are unnecessarily harassed. Many a times men are accused under such laws due to false ego of the women. There are several such examples. No one dares to talks about justice for Men. There are several examples of Misuse of Dowry death law, Domestic Violence act, and several such laws. Because of such biased laws families are being broken down. This has caught attention of the international organisation INSAAF. Organisations working for family welfare and Men’s Rights organisations have reported such incidents to INSAAF. Accordingly core members of the organisation INSAAF have put forth their views in front of Rajyasabha Committee. Atleast 25 members of Rajyasabha has favoured the views of INSAAF.
To put forward the bill in the formation of Commission for Men, they will have to give such suggestions to the Government. Therefore INSAAF has been advised to articulate the draft and INSAAF is in the process of presenting the same.
Men are also victims of physical and mental harassment. Despite this they are the only ones who are charged in criminal cases. Several of the men in such cases are innocent. They have to unnecessarily face the wrong end of noose. Hence there must be law to protect them from such abuse. This is the idea behind formation of Commission says Atit Rajpara (Pune), Virag Dhulia (Bangalore) and Arnab Ganguly (Kolkata) of INSAAF. For more information contact 9823788013 and 9890974788.

One thought on “Article in Sakal: Steps towards formation of Commission for men

  1. Who is going to create and handle the commission for men? If it is the government, I don’t think it is going to help greatly!

    Government itself is totally feminist and misandrist, how is it going to help men in the same way they do to women? I think, if we need justice and we want to fight inequality against men, we have to fight from outside and not from inside the government; because there is no leader or political party that can effectively represent the voice of men and boys of India.

    Just look at the number of laws and programs that the government has introduced in favor of women and against men. Can you imagine the same government working in favor of men, with same intensity? Well, I don’t think so.

    I am a man and I totally support the men’s right activism. But I just don’t agree that we can expect anything positive from the feminist government.

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