Expose: Feminists Demand Property Law without any proper data

The Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill 2010, that sought to make divorce easier, has always been in news. And one of the major reasons why this bill was in discussion was because of property-division clause which sought to transfer more than 50% of husband’s property to wife in the event of a divorce.

And this radical proposition was made on the basis of claims made by feminists which said, “Studies have shown that in 80% cases women are rendered homeless after divorce.” This news was carried by the Times of India.

In order to confirm the news, I sent an application to the Right to Information Act (RTI) to the Ministry of Law and Justice asking the following information for the last 10 years from 2002 – 2012,

Please provide the following information:

  1. Number of divorce cases filed across India.
  2. Number of divorce cases initiated by women.
  3. Number of divorce cases initiated by men.
  4. Number of divorce cases where husband owned property.
  5. Number of divorce cases where wife owned property.

Now, the Law Ministry forwarded this application to the ministry of Women and Child Development, who in turn forwarded it to yet another department of the Law Ministry. That department of the Law Ministry then forwarded the RTI to yet another department within its ministry, which in turn forwarded it to the Supreme Court of India.

And the Supreme Court denied having maintained any such information.

Hence, in a nutshell, neither the Women and Child Development Ministry, nor the Law Ministry nor the Supreme Court of India have any idea about,

  1. How many total divorce cases have been filed?
  2. In how many cases husbands owned property and initiated divorce?
  3. In how many cases wives owned property and initiated divorce?

And in the absence of such figures, it’s just a wonder of one’s imagination as to how Kirti Singh, women’s rights advocate and Member, Law Commission made a statement in broad daylight that “80% women are rendered homeless post-divorce”.

Basic mathematics knowledge tell us that we need the following information in order to derive the above conclusion,

  1. Total number of divorce cases.
  2. No. of cases where wives owned property.
  3. No. of cases where husband owned property.

And in the event of the absence of such information, it is very clear that feminists are proposing this law without any proper data back up and want to unleash their sinister agenda of exercising male hatred by robbing men off their hard earned property legally.

And that is the reason, they don’t want their laws to be debated in the Parliament and want laws to be passed by emotional blackmailing. This is a clear depiction of how women work – without logic, accusing and blaming everyone around them and by creating false alarm.

However, this is not the alarming at all. Feminists have always been like that – impulsive, impatient, illogical and greedy.

The alarming thing is the insanity of this so-called sane society of humans that simply refuses to see the sinister design behind such laws and never questions the integrity of the data being presented and to top it, call such laws as “progressive”.

Even reputed media like the Times of India hails this kind of an extortionary law based on false claims as progressive.

The replies to the RTI clearly expose the lies of feminists and now the choice belies with society in deciding if such laws should be supported or condemned?

Here is the link to the RTI replies received.


10 thoughts on “Expose: Feminists Demand Property Law without any proper data

  1. Times of India is one of the most unreliable and misandry/feminist media in our country. I would better trust a news from Al-Qaeda than the news from Times of India.

  2. The whole system is corrupted and so the matter goes from one department to another and remains unanswered as they have no answer in their defense.

  3. Times of India is a pimp for the NCW and other feminist organizations. If their property advertisements (particularly the friday property times) takes a dip in ad revenues, they will stop pimping.
    How about:
    1)Writing online posts (particularly on TOI) about the REAL REAL ESTATE picture (see The Hindu Aug 6th/8th (reports over 200,000 UNSOLD apartments in Bangalore alone) and again 5/th/6th Oct (reporting sluggish residential sales even in Tier 2 cities). This info is contrary to the lies TOI publishes consistently. Let’s expose it.
    2)Visiting property expos, evince interest and then when contacted by builders’ marketing cite these possible laws as a deterrent. If we do these in sufficient numbers, it should send a chill.

    I have already done these. More people joining up will do wonders.

  4. Lo! 50% of our property, 50% of our Salary, etc. etc. and yet equal rights everywhere. Women are really attempting to have it all their way with ease, I reckon with the backing of imbecile groups like the NCW, NHRC etc. Good luck to them. 🙂

  5. Excellent work done.
    It is relentless effort of people like you, feminists will be exposed.
    On my part , i will redirect more people to this website.

  6. I was about to ask you about this in Blog. I remembered this from your last posts on FB but wanted this in blog. Guys – pls share this blog extensively and remember this for any future discussion or debate..

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