P7 News: Men’s Rights Activists demanding rollback of Speedy Divorce Laws


4 thoughts on “P7 News: Men’s Rights Activists demanding rollback of Speedy Divorce Laws

  1. speedy divorce law should be passed but with the share of property for wife limited to her contribution. If she is a housewife she must get a good maintenance. If she gets inherited property she will reduce the share of other inheritors and if it is a business then the business will collapse. All must join to vote this out as this is only a vote catching gimmick

    • Murty,

      Why maintenance to wife? Why can’t she earn? No woman shall be made a burden on the man merely because of marriage. If she has not worked so far, its her problem and her parents’ problems who did not make her independent. No husband must be ordered to pay maintenance to wife. Its oppression of men. Marriage is not a wealth transfer bureau of any form.

  2. Honesty, faithfulness and Justice must prevail in society. In every marriage there must be terms and conditions for unforeseen divorce too in the beginning itself..In a marriage, husband, wife and children lives together. All assets and liabilities belonging to husband, wife and children must be clubbed together and then be distributed equally between husband, wife and children before divorce. whosoever keep child/children can keep share of assets and liabilities of child/children too. Maintenance is not needed as it forces continuity of dead and cruel relationship

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