Why can’t the Sexual Harassment at Workplace law be gender neutral?

Expose: Women and Child Ministry is desperately trying to get an anti-male extortionary bill passed despite severe opposition from the country regarding the same.

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Men’s Rights Organizations, representing more than 50% of the population of the country have already highlighted the unconstitutional nature of the proposed bill for sexual harassment at workplace. 

Press Release highlighting the flaws of the proposed Sexual Harassment at Workplace bill

Crucial Points:

  1. Based on presentations made by men’s rights organizations, The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Human Resources Development had also recommended that the law should be made gender neutral and men must be provided protection, at par with women.
  2. We fail to understand the problem in making the law gender neutral, for, if women don’t harass men, then there would be no complaints filed against them or very less complaints filed against them.
  3. There are already so many sections in the IPC that cater to sexual harassment and indecent representation of women. But this law is not being made to provide justice. It is being created just to make another channel of extortion from men by blackmailing them.
  4. It is ironical that the Government of India is ready to provide protection to men from sexual assault but not from sexual harassment.
  5. That too, when more than 35 countries including Pakistan are ready to do so and have created gender neutral laws in this area.
  6. The reluctance of the WCD ministry in forming a gender-neutral law and creating roadblocks for the same clearly showcases their deep inherent male-hatred and such ministries are ineligible to make laws that can hamper the life, liberty, career and future of many a men.
  7. It is interesting to see that in 2007, the citizens of India had written to the very ministry i.e. the WCD ministry, asking that the law should be made gender-neutral.
  8. When an application under the Right to Information Act was filed to know the stand of the WCD ministry, it had replied – “Protection of Men is not our mandate”.
  9. And now, that there is a lot of opposition from both the society and the Govt. To make another anti-male law, the ministry is offering to conduct study of men, while this anti-male law is passed.


  1. Stall the current draft of Sexual Harassment bill and till the time it is not made completely gender neutral, among other demands, including its title.
  2. Disallow the WCD Ministry from making anti-male laws like these.
  3. Institute a National Commission for Men to conduct studies like these that are male-oriented.
  4. Institute a Men Welfare Ministry to implement the recommendations made by the National Commission for Men.
  5. Consult men’s rights organizations for including male-friendly clauses.

In case you need any clarification or information, feel free to Contact :9818789236 (Swarup),9811052770 (Niladri), 9818509406 (Wasif), 9910074914 (Ritwik)


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