India Demands RollBack of IrBM – The Gold Digger’s Law




5 thoughts on “India Demands RollBack of IrBM – The Gold Digger’s Law

  1. This law is against the principles of natural justice and will a catastrophe for society and generations to come including that of woman and law makers too.Every sane member of indian society must oppose it whether male or female.

  2. it will definately increase crime in society as well as marriages will be held on contract bases in our society, is it right?
    female is very good creation of God on the earth but when that same woman misuse these law against his husband and His inlaws family then how we characterised her & what about her mother in law, sister in law, 2why thet are not assuming as female in that case. This is not right way at all, i think….

  3. Best explanation given by a guy about IrBM

    IrBM = Irretrievable breakdown of marriage. Basically – until now, there were two ways for a girl to get divorce from her husband:

    1) She finds fault in you. If you don’t contest, she gets the decree of divorce in her favour. If you contest, she needs to prove her case. Grounds = cruelty, infidelity etc.
    2) She talks to you and makes you agree for a mutual consent divorce. Whether or not you are interested, you settle for the divorce to avoid facing DVC or 498a etc etc. If she has already filed those cases, she agrees to drop them or help you get quash [in case of 498a]

    If a girl files DVC or 498a senselessly and refuses to settle with you – you could deny her divorce and harass her. This particular strategy helped in settling majority of the DVC and 498a cases – since women are really afraid of getting old. Similarly, if a girl realizes her “mistake” – in the sense that she might not be able to remarry or extort money from you – she would think about coming back after dropping those cases. This made life relatively easily for men after you got AB for 498a.

    But, now a woman can get divorced under a new package – if the IrBM bill gets passed. In IrBM, what is required is a separation of 3 years. So – a girl can file 498a and DVC against you and keep extorting money from you. If you don’t give her a mutual divorce with LOT of compensation; she will just wait for 3 years – going around in pubs and partying hard.

    After 3 years have passed, she can present to court that “I thought that my husband will realize my mistake and take me back. But he has no sense of regret for his shameful actions. Our marriage has irretrievably broken down.” The court will not only give her a decree of divorce but also a hefty compensation which includes share in your fixed, immmovable and movable assets; and also including a lumpsum that takes into consideration your inheritance or inheritable amount.

    What makes IrBM scary is that a girl who filed false cases before is punished by denial of divorce and denial of extortion money right now – but after IrBM, a girl who files false cases against husband is rewarded not only with a divorce but also with a hefty share in your assets, salary etc.

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