Consolidate Media coverage about India demanding RollBack of Marriage Amendment Bill

Legal India: Marriage Amendment Bill a cruelty to men


I mean to say the 21st Century men,s rights groups are giving this slogan to enrage the sleeping blood of Indian mens so that they can achieve liberation from the women favoring laws, and get rid from this cruel domination of women’s rule.  Men,s rights group have convened a protest on August 18 in Delhi to protest the amendments in the Marriage Bill which legally recognise a wife’s right to property acquired by her spouse during their marriage.

The Hindu: Men’s rights groups to protest Marriage Amendment Bill


Save Indian Family Foundation president Rajesh Vakharia on Tuesday said although the government is projecting the Marriage Amendment Bill, 2010 as a “short cut to divorce”, in realty the divorce will become expensive for men.

DNA: Men’s rights groups to protest Marriage Amendment Bill


He said organisations working towards the rights of men would gather at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi on August 18 and organise a protest against the amendments.

Indian Express: Men’s rights groups to protest Marriage Amendment Bill


“In the event of divorce, men facing abusive marriage would have to part with their property, made from hard earned money,” he said.

परिवार बचाने को आईआरबीएम कानून के खिलाफ मोर्चा, 18 अगस्‍त को धरना


“संस्‍था की ओर से मनुज गुप्‍ता का कहना है कि देश भर से युवाओं का आह्वान किया गया है कि दिल्‍ली पहुंचकर अतार्किक कानून का विरोध करें। उन्‍होंने सवाल उठाया कि IrBM- कितना सही, कितना गलत इसका आंकलन साफतौर पर किया जा सकता है। सूत्रों के अनुसार कानून के तहत पत्नी मांग सकती है निर्विरोध तलाक, पति नहीं।”


One thought on “Consolidate Media coverage about India demanding RollBack of Marriage Amendment Bill

  1. It is a good move. How come it is a justice. Husband getting salary not because of wife. Husband will be paid for his efforts. Since he puts a lot effort to gain education, to get job exp. Companies will pay him for his efforts. Where is the wife contribution here.

    How come wife will get husband’s parental property. what is her contribution?

    Men are discriminated while searching for bride. There will be a lot of demands from bride, bride parents like how much salary boy is getting, how much property boy has.

    But as per indian society boys should not expect any thing from bride, bride parents. If boys expect any thing society will put commercial seal on boy’s face. What a justice?

    There are many cases, if boy gets less salary or equal salary, that boy will be rejected by bride, bride parents saying that boy is not getting higher salary. so who is commerical here?

    Even by qualification wise, bride, bride parents will reject boy where as companies taking any graduate.

    People are saying they are giving dowry. How much they are offering compare to boy’s property. But what shake bride, bride parents offering this.
    They are offering due to their greedy expectations. Bride, Bride parents wants high in every thing like salary, property from boy compare to them. Then whose mistake this? Can not we lead life with minimum salary( sufficient for food, rented house, clothes, medical expenses).

    Why bride parents are not giving bride share? Even brides are so silent in this matter but they are very good in expecting from boy.

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