Men’s Rights explained in brief

Is Men’s Rights Movement an Anti-women or anti-feminist Movement?

No. The answer is an emphatic No.

Then, why our tone sounds anti-feminist or even anti-women?

Because, feminists and even women do not like Men’s Rights and they oppose and try to sabotage Men’s Rights. Feminists want Men to change to 21st century, and yet they want men to fulfil their 16th century demands. Feminists are idiots. Society is critical about men and their behaviour. We are sometimes critical about women so that society sees negative sides of women as well.

Why women oppose Men’s Rights?

Because, everyone in society wants status quo and everyone resists change. The women do not want men to change and lead better, safe and peaceful lives. Women want men to take risks and be macho. While At the same time, women want men to do house work and baby sittings. Old women (mothers) often behave like dictators and demand men to worship them. Many cultures demand men to worship mothers, even though mothers perpetrate maximum domestic violence on male kids. Women want men to obey their mothers and yet they accuse them of “mama’s boys”. By behaving in this contradictory manner, women harm men. Women since ages, use sons as “replaced husbands” and try to fulfil all their great aspirations through sons. Mothers glorify women’s sacrifices, while minimizing sacrifices of fathers. Think about stories of Dhruva, Santanu and Dasaratha in Indian Mythology. Mothers are not Goddesses.

Do Men also oppose Men’s Rights?

Yes, absolutely. Men oppose Men’s Rights because of traditions and cultural brainwashing. Men are not used to the experience of Men’s Rights. Men think Men’s Rights activists as miserable people, where as “real” Men’s Rights activists are very happy, peaceful and fulfilled people. The quality of life of a TRUE Men’s Rights Activist is very good and men around him envy his life.

What is Men’s Rights?

Men’s Rights is all about Right to peaceful existence for men and to challenge misandry in the society. It includes the right to express emotions and freedom to be vulnerable, for a man, instead of being forced to show EGO and false bravado and pose as a macho guy. Men are not disposable. The sick attitudes by society makes men trivialize pain of men and give them awards by glorifying their deaths in war. No Man should ever be considered Evil. Men must stop fighting Good vs. Evil battles, because “men are evil” is a myth. Otherwise, the Germans, Japanese and Americans would not have been friends today. Men have a right to choose not to perform any social role including that of a risk taking self sacrificing male protector. It is not funny, when a man is weak or vulnerable near a woman. It is not funny if a comedian is slapped by a woman in a movie.





2 thoughts on “Men’s Rights explained in brief

  1. liked it …. totally agree

    keep posting

    cant we organize any rally on this matter or form any governmental organisation who will take care of this matter

  2. I agree with this writing. I also truly believe the way to change the focus is to have more positive male role models. The men who do great things do not get recognized enough. Women do a great job of it.Men should as well.

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