Consolidated Media Coverage of JPC Press Conference

‘Marital laws are loaded against men’ – DNA 5th July 2012

“These clauses are specifically targeted at grabbing the husband’s property in the event of a divorce,” said Virag Dhulia, a member of INSAAF. “We have worked hard for the property that we have. What is the sense in getting loans, investing in property and in the event of a divorce, half of it goes to the wife? Women have achieved levels of self-reliance and independence that was not possible earlier. Most have property and money on their own. Is it fair that we should give them our hard earned property, simply because we could not live together?” he asked.

Marriage Law Bill is anti-male, say forums – Indian Express 5th July 2012

They have sought the minister to form a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC), to look through the details of the Bill before passing it. Addressing a news conference on Wednesday, Arnab Ganguly, co-ordinator of Indian Social Awareness and Activism Forum (INSAAF) said, “The Union government, through this Bill, has proposed to make redundant ‘anti-male’ law, which will convert marriage into an extortion industry. The lawmaking panel has totally ignored the objections of people and has not even justified its reasons.”


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