Marriage Amendment Draft (MAD) Effects

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One thought on “Marriage Amendment Draft (MAD) Effects

  1. Our Aim should not be only for this But for Repeal of All Anti Male& Pro Female Laws/Rules etc etc (from date of their Introductions) for Constitutional Guarantee of Gender Equality& Social Justice.

    Unfortunately, our Elected Reps (Law Enacters-Mps MLAs) who have tremendous Powers (incl. punishing any Authority for any In-Justice) neither Act nor Punish these Anti-Socials as they don’t have their own Brains/Actions except dancing as per their Leaders. Given the fact that our Law Enforcers& Judiciary have become so selfish& Case Hungry (also Money/other pleasure hungry) ANTI-SOCIALS, Constitutional Guarantees of Equality, Right to decent Living etc have been totally wiped off.

    Only way to ensure our Constitutional Guarantees is to Show our Fullest Power of Demonstrations, Reps esp. Before, During Election Campaign & Voting to Defeat (and Punish) Major Parties (almost all esp. divisive Congress) who do such cooked up Vote Bank Stunts (Parties’ Pro-women stance is only by Noise of Pro-women organizations, unexposed Money/Other Pleasure Scams) and not by Hi-Numerical Demonstrations). If We don’t do this Now, we will only Perish.

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