Press Release: India’s first men’s rights community center announces first anniversary celebrations


Subject: India’s First Men’s Rights Community Center announces its first anniversary celebrations.

About Confidare Community Center:

Confidare India Men’s Rights Community Center, an initiative by Confidare Consultancy LLP is the first of its kind of concept in India. This center is an outcome of men’s rights movement in India. Confidare Community Center is established by some of the most prominent Men’s Rights Activists of India. These activists have spoken to and have made a difference to more than 3000 abused men in the last couple of years. These activists have also worked to bring great sensitivity to the issue of marital problems facing men.

Confidare Community Center provides guidance and coaching to abused and victimized men. These are the men who not only face bad and abusive marriages but many unfortunate ones also end up fighting cases of dowry/domestic-violence containing false and fabricated allegations. Experts at the center provide moral and emotional support to these victimized men who have nowhere to go and face a lot of discrimination in the society and the legal system.

The First year:

Confidare Community Center was inaugurated on the 27th May 2011 and started operations from 3rd June 2011. This June as we complete our first year, we look back and call it a successful first year passed. During this one year Confidare was contacted by at least 130 – 140 victimized men in Bangalore alone and around 80 odd men have taken up membership with Confidare in order to avail the guidance and coaching by Confidare experts.

Confidare also conducted 3 successful one day workshops for men. Of these, 2 were held in Bangalore and one was held in Hyderabad wherein men facing turbulent marriages were provided with information and awareness about their rights. In these workshops men were also educated about how to face crisis situations in marriage arising out of a matrimonial dispute and/or frivolous litigation.

The Need of Confidare:

Often, men do not have any support system and when they are abused, society refrains from supporting such men. Even as innocent men and their family members are arrested without any trial or investigation, these victims of injustice have no idea of how to deal with the situation. They often give in to the abuse by either paying huge amounts of extortion money, popularly known as “settlement money” to their estranged wives or commit suicide.

As per figures available with Union Home Ministry, in the last 15 years (1995 – 2010), 7.8 million married men have committed suicides compared to 4.5 million married women. And every year, the numbers of suicides by married men have been on the rise and in the overall suicides statistics; too, it’s the married men who are the toppers. These figures clearly indicate a serious undercurrent of abuse that men are undergoing silently in the absence of any dedicated support system.

Even the Govt. of India has not allocated even a single rupee for the welfare of men in the last 65 years of Indian independence. Not even a single study has ever been conducted to know the problems faced by men, even as 82% of taxes are paid by men. In such a vacuum of support for men, Confidare Community Center and its likes are the need of the hour for men to seek a semblance of support in order to stabilize in an abusive domestic relationship.

The Event:

Having had a successful run for the first year for the first men’s rights community center in India, Confidare India has decided to observe its first anniversary in the form of a small get together at Koramangala Club on the 10th of June 2012 at 4:30 PM and seeks to invite all men who are facing bad and tumultuous marriage to be a part of the celebration.

The event will mark small presentations by Confidare experts and other prominent men’s rights activists who will be speaking about how to strengthen the cause of men’s rights movement in the society so that both the abuse of men and suicides by men can be arrested.

For more details about the event contact Virag @ 90083-02822 or Pandurang @ 80957-33000 or visit:

Event Description


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