Gender Bias Against Boys

Is the meaning of a child only a “girl child”? If not so, then why do all schemes designed for the so-called welfare of children only focus on girls more than boys? Why this gender bias against boys?
Almost all educational welfare schemes target girls only. So, boys face double jeopardy. On one hand, there is no helping hand available for boys in education, yet pervert social mindsets expect themto be the financial torch-bearers of the family and this puts a lot of pressure on the male gender in general.
Male hatred is so rampant in the society that even a suggestion to introduce reservation for boys in schools where their numbers have seriously dropped, draws flak from the society.

Associated press release for the same

And this pressure that is built upon males from childhood has many negative effects. Most of them affecting the health of men as is evident from the high rate of suicides.


One thought on “Gender Bias Against Boys

  1. These scoundrels are laying a strong foundation for next generation men to feel threatened and discriminated. I have heard that some boys are already feeling that….they grow up and feel it even more.

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